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    What are the Benefits of Sleeping in a Cold Room?

    Health Benefits of Sleeping in a Cold Room

    Remember when you were a kid, when your mom tells you to go to sleep so you can play outside? We’ve all been there and it hasn’t been easy—especially if you’re not sleepy at all. Now that we’re adults, we crave for sleep in the afternoon; we want to feel that comfortability that envelops our […]

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    Super Tall Smartphones? Android Co-Founder Says He is Working on it


    We are all used to seeing smartphones to be at the same ratio or size. Although some smartphones might have larger display screens; wider bezels, even awkwardly placed cameras, we would know a smartphone when we see one. But imagine you’re suddenly in a world with super tall smartphones; wouldn’t it be weird? What if […]

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    What are the Dirtiest Things You Touch Everyday?

    Dirtiest Thing you touch everyday

    Washing hands is simply the most basic and the best way to ensure that you’re clean and free from bacteria. Why? Because our hands are the dirtiest parts of our bodies—not our feet. Well, to tell you, the dirtiest things are neither the grossest nor the rarest things you can see and find everyday. Read: […]

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    Where Did The Word OK Come From?

    Ever wondered where the word OK came from?

    OK is typically part of the most used words in every single day. This word is a word that is understood by everyone, everywhere, and at any given time. But where did this versatile word come from? A lot of studies and speculations were brought up as to where OK came from. And if you […]

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    How to Save Stretched Necklines of Your Shirt

    We all have this dilemma—when our favorite shirt’s neckline becomes stretched. Most of us just resort to abandoning it; some even use it as a piece of cloth for wiping puddles. But now, a Japanese laundry expert revealed the technique on how we can resolve or repair stretched necklines of your shirts. Read: Legit Reason […]

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    Serious But Subtle Signs of Eye Infections

    Eye drops to lessen eye infections

    People always say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This expression or saying is based on facts that we can determine the true intentions of a person by looking at their eyes. This is also true in distinguishing whether or not a person has developed certain eye disorders or infections. Read: Different […]

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    Cockroaches Are Developing an Immunity to Pesticides

    These pests are developing an immunity to pesticides

    Did you know that cockroaches existed even before we did? Yes, they existed around 300 million years ago and they even had an age named to them! Until now, they’re a big problem to most households because they’re unclean and they roam anywhere. Cockroaches have been a part of the daily lives of people—in fact, […]

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    Want to be a Millionaire? Here’s What You Need to Give Up

    Become a millionaire by avoiding these things

    Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? I mean, everybody wants to be rich—the feeling that money would never be a problem. However, there are a lot of things self-made millionaires want to emphasize on about being on that level. What we mean is that millionaires, unbeknownst to many, also made a lot of sacrifices […]