7 Best Things to Eat When You’re Hungry

Hunger is a part of human nature; basically, if you don’t get hungry, you are not human. Being hungry is a normal thing so if you experience it a lot, do not worry – except of course when you know you shouldn’t be hungry but you are.

Best things to Eat

You might feel the temptation of grabbing whatever you can munch on – may it be a sandwich, a full meal, even a snack. But there are of course some food you can eat that would be the best when you are hungry. Here are ten of the best food to eat when you are feeling hungry.


Each medium banana contains at lest 3 grams of fiber with 14 grams of natural sugar. One banana can give you 105 calories that can give you sufficient energy that can aid you. It also has potassium that can help your muscles recover – and it’s good for them too.


Apples on the other hand is another great fruit that can give you the satisfaction when you are hungry. It contains a compound called ursolic acid which are found in apple peels. It is believed to improve and increase muscle and brown fat that supports the wholeness of our body.


This is a quick-small-enery-packed snack that can resolve your cravings. It is filled with protein and is healthy for the wholeness of your body. These are also weight-loss management snacks that has amino acid L-arginine which is, according to Mayo Clinic researchers, help reduce belly fat.


Although this food is considered to be one of the more fatty food, it is good for your heart. There are nutrients found here that can also be found in nuts and olive oil which can shut down your cravings. A study was conducted and was said to have participants eat half avocados with lunch and reported to have a 40% decreased desire to eat for hours afterward.


Who knew that this magical recipe made from chickpea and legumes is also a healthy treat. This food is known to be packed with protein that can rejuvenate the wholeness of your body. A recent observation done discovered that people who consumed at least 3/4 to 1 cup of legumes a day felt 31% fuller than those who abstained.


Well, we all know of this classic healthy meal wherein you can add bananas, mangos, milk, even raspberries to top it up. According to some research, eating oatmeal results in better and greater feelings of satiety than a breakfast cereal because of the fiber found in oatmeals.


The “small but terrible” healthy pack which contains nutrients like fiber and sodium is good however you look at it. A recent small journal found that ladies who consumed a 65-calorie cup of berries ate a staggering 20% lesser than those who consumed calories from candy. Imagine the difference on that impact.

When you feel hungry, try not to forget to check on what you are planning to eat because there is a big difference if you just pin point what you want to intake. Remember that there is always a better choice when your stomach is calling you out.

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