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    Fight Excessive Sweating With Natural Home Remedies

    Fighting Excessive Sweating

    If you suffer from excessive sweating, don’t be embarrassed because you can actually minimize the effects and fight back. Although it’s quite a hassle for people who experience it, this situation can be addressed through medication. Basing it on what I know, however, that can be kind of expensive. Sometimes you find yourself the need to […]

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    Easy Natural Remedies to Fight Bad Breath

    bad breath

    Have you ever talked to someone up close and you smell something unpleasant after a few seconds into the conversation? What if the unpleasant smell was coming from you? At times, you would realize your mouth is starting to smell because of the bad taste. However, sometimes someone else would bring it up. Sadly, you […]

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    An Effective Hangover Pill – Effective on Drunk Mice

    Hangover Pill

    Have you ever been hungover? To be totally honest, having a hangover isn’t exactly definable. It’s just being defined as severe headache and unfortunately, there isn’t a pill you can take. Other hangover arises with dehydration and is sometimes dangerous. Ever since, there hasn’t been an exact cure for a hangover – like a hangover […]

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    Cleopatra’s Plant of Immortality: Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera

    Ever heard of a name of a queen who is the center of a civilization’s foundation? Like when you hear a certain age in time, one face and name would be the first thing you’ll have in mind? Let’s not get into circles here, I’m talking about Cleopatra. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen who was able […]

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    Diet Soda Might Not Be So “Diet-Friendly”

    Diet Soda

    Diet soda, as healthy as it may sound, is not so healthy after all! Ever since the introduction of this product, the number of people having type-2 diabetes has increased. Cancer, arteriosclerosis, and osteoporosis are just some of the medical conditions being linked to consumption of products that use artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame. However, these assumptions are […]

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    Say Goodbye to Chickenpox Itch: Easy And Natural Remedies


    Chickenpox is a disease more commonly affecting children, teens, and young adults. Nowadays, it’s not that common anymore due to our highly advanced medical technology. But, adults are now being targeted by the said disease and according to hearsay, having the condition while you’re an adult is much more dangerous if you’ve had it as […]

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    Want To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Without The Use Of Chemicals?


    Mosquitoes are everywhere – I mean everywhere. If your area doesn’t get the correct pest control program, then your expectation should be that insects would be present. Although these are just tiny critters, they can actually deal a lot of trouble. How? They actually carry tons of diseases like malaria, dengue, and yellow fever. Those are […]