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    Japanese Healing Technique: Fingers That are Connected to Your Organs


    Our bodies are so complex that a lot of researchers and scientists feel like everything is interconnected. Although most of that is true, there are things and features in our bodies we aren’t aware of. As a matter of fact, our bodies have many functions, connections, and relations that you’ll be shocked once you become […]

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    Different Ways to Get Rid of Vertigo

    How to Avoid Vertigo

    Are you having that scene where you think everything is just spinning? If yes, then that’s vertigo. No, contrary to popular belief, you don’t get vertigo just from the fear of heights. As a matter of fact, it can happen anywhere and with whatever you’re doing. This is why vertigo is a sign or a […]

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    Facebook may Release an Unsend Message Option in Messenger

    Ever hesitated in sending a message to your friends? Have you ever ran into that dilemma? If yes, then you should start enjoying. Facebook might soon roll out an unsend message option in Messenger. Yes, you will now have the option to retreat in sending that message. This new feature, however, is still currently in […]

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    Why Your Butt Sometimes Hurts During Your Period

    Butt-Pain during Period

    If you are feeling pain in your butt that also goes to the lower abdomen during your period, you might think that it was just another painful manifestation of menstruations. For some women, that time of month is literally the pain in the butt; Kelly Kasper, M.D., OB/Gyn at Indiana University Health tells self. Most […]

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    Are you Washing your Hands the Right Way?

    Correct Way of Washing hands

    This may sound weird but there actually are people who think they’re washing their hands correctly. However, there are certain things we need to look at in order for us to determine whether or not we’re washing our hands the right way. A Michigan State University study said that about 95 pecent of people neglect […]

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    Body Acne and What it Tells You About Your Health


    Acne is everyone’s dilemma, especially during puberty stage. There are some gifted who are free from it eventually, while there are some who carries it all the way to adulthood. It’s a common notion that it runs across the bloodline but what is it really? Experts say that acne is a sign of improper skin […]

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    Updated Android Hacks You Need to Know this 2018

    Android, considered to be one of the more famous operating systems, actually have different tricks up its sleeve. Meaning, there are some ways and things most Android users don’t know about. Moreover, these Android hacks are hidden in order for them not to be easily accessed by people for some reasons. In this article, we […]