First-Timer Edition: How to Order in Starbucks

What’s your order, Ma’am/Sir?

If you’ve ever stepped into a Starbucks and felt overwhelmed by the seemingly endless array of options and unfamiliar lingo, fear not – you’re not alone!

Starbucks, with its unique language of drink sizes, flavor choices, and customization options, can be a bit daunting for those ordering for the first time.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of ordering your favorite coffee, tea, or other delectable beverages at Starbucks with confidence.

Whether you’re a coffee novice or just curious to explore new concoctions, we’ve got you covered.

From deciphering the drink menu to understanding the secret codes for customizations, you’ll soon be navigating Starbucks like a seasoned pro.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a delightful caffeinated adventure, let’s dive in and demystify the art of ordering in Starbucks!

Get ready to find your perfect sip and discover why this iconic coffeehouse has captured the hearts of millions around the world.

Ordering at Starbucks typically follows a specific sequence to ensure your drink is made just the way you like it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the Starbucks drink ordering process:

Step 1: Greeting

Approach the counter, and the Starbucks barista will warmly greet you with a smile. If it’s your first time or you’re unsure about the menu, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations or clarification.

2.Choose Your Drink

Browse the menu board or the Starbucks app to find the perfect beverage for your taste. Starbucks offers a wide variety of coffee, tea, and specialty drinks, so take your time to explore the options.


Starbucks has its unique size names: Short (8 oz), Tall (12 oz), Grande (16 oz), Venti- Hot (20 oz), Venti- Cold (24 oz, the extra room is to accommodate the ice) and Trenta (31 oz, available for iced beverages only). Specify the size of your drink to the barista.

4.Decide on Hot or Iced

If your drink is available in both hot and iced versions, indicate your preference. For example, you can say “Grande Iced Latte” or “Tall Hot Cappuccino.”

5.Select Your Milk

If your drink involves milk, choose the type you prefer: whole milk, 2% milk, soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk. You can also request “non-dairy” for lactose-free options.


Starbucks allows you to customize your drink to your liking. Whether you want it extra hot, less sweet, with whipped cream, or with an extra shot of espresso, let the barista know your preferences.

7.Add-ons and Toppings

Some beverages come with standard toppings, like whipped cream or caramel drizzle. If you want to add or omit any toppings, this is the time to mention it.

8.Order Confirmation

The barista will repeat your order to ensure everything is accurate. Pay attention to ensure they got your drink specifications correctly.


Pay for your order using cash, credit card, or the Starbucks app, if available in your country.

10.Wait for Your Drink

Once your order is placed, the barista will prepare your drink with care and precision. Depending on the complexity and number of orders ahead of you, the wait time may vary.

11.Pick Up and Enjoy

When your drink is ready, the barista will call your name or order number. Pick up your beverage, and if you’re dining in, feel free to find a cozy spot to enjoy your Starbucks experience.

Remember, don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek recommendations from the friendly Starbucks staff. They are there to make your coffee experience delightful and tailor-made to your preferences. Happy sipping!

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