Who Knew That You Can Save Money By Recycling Common Household Items?

With all honesty, we’re all looking in a different direction when we need money. We try so hard that we don’t even spend time looking at the things we have; we always look for something that is (1) we don’t have; (2) something that is difficult to find; and (3) something that seems like a miracle when it happens. Although a lot of people think of doing business as an escape, have you ever thought of recycling stuff? Specifically, recycling common household items? I’m gonna guess that more than 60% of you haven’t. Let this be start of the change.

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It does not only help our planet; it can actually be extra income for you and your family! So, recycling common household items should be everyone’s thing.

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More than half of the people reading this don’t actually take this into consideration. If you’re that type of person, you can close the page now. However if you want to earn money in one of the easiest ways possible, continue reading of course.

Recycling doesn’t have to be rocket science – just refrain from throwing stuff away when you’re not using them. That act alone is already considered recycling.

So in recycling common household items, what would be the easiest?


Being a teenager, I understand the feeling of having tons of clothes in your cabinet. As time passes by, you won’t be able to wear all of them. This is why most people throw them away without thinking that they can actually make money out of it. Used clothes, as long as it’s still in good condition can be sold to people through a lot of outlets: thrift shops, garage sale, and the like.

Some boutiques and businesses can even buy these from you. You anyways have the option to donate or sell them, though.

Printer ink cartridges

I don’t know any house that doesn’t have a printer. Printers are part of the necessity now because paper work is just scattered all over everywhere. Of course if you have a printer, you would have ink cartridges. To give you an estimate, over 70% of used ink cartridges are thrown out to landfills. Throwing them takes over a thousand years to decompose. Why? Well, because they’re plastic.

There are a lot of people and businesses who’re interested in buying ink cartridges; some even pay an exceptional amount given the fact that the cartridge is used. So, think twice before throwing out that cartridge of yours.

Cars and car parts

If you have a car or its parts you’re not going to use anymore, instead of throwing them out, why not recycle them and earn from it? Car batteries, tires, and a lot of things can be brought out of cars. Instead of leaving it rotten in a block where no one comes by, dismantle it and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Even side mirrors and some of the material in the engine can be sold; if you see a car that’s being taken away by time, take time to ask about it and if no one cares, then enjoy the profit.


As I’ve mentioned above, you can recycle car tires and actually make a living out of it. If you own a land transport company or you just happen to know someone who has a lot of tires, you can actually tell them that they can make money out of it by selling them to garage shops.

These garage shops somehow enhance the tires and sell them to the public who is in need of emergency tires. You’d be surprised that these garages will pay for tires that have been used.

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Water bottles

This is one of the easier things to find. Every household has at least a water bottle. Try and compile them; bring them to the nearest junk shop or landfill. They’ll weigh it and depending on the weight, they’ll pay you something.

This applies to different types of bottles, too. Could be perfume, soda, or whatsoever.Junk shops need them for supply or for extra material to whatever they’re doing so, you might want to have a keen eye on the bottles you have at home.

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Now I’ve had this separated from the clothes because of one reason: some shoes deteriorate in some time when no one’s using them. Especially shoes that are receptive to temperature? if this is the case, you can have the shoes repaired and resell them. Technically speaking, recycling household items isn’t like finding gold in a field of metal.

No I’m not talking about buying a new pair of J’s and reselling it for $100 or $200 more, I’m talking about the normal shoes that normal people need for a normal day. Although you can sell shoes in good condition through garage sale or thrift shops, you can actually just sell it or donate it to people who need them. You might’ve not earned but at least you helped someone.

Newspaper, Magazine, and Books

Truthfully the easiest thing to find at home because they’re going to be scattered; in your room, in your living room, even in the restrooms. If you have books, newspapers, or magazines, you can sell them.

If you have a good amount of used paper in your house, you can actually bring it to a junk shop, have them weigh it and earn something. However, you can actually just use it for scratch or other kinds of stuff like different projects and artifacts.

Disks, CDs, and Games

Before the era of virtual data passing, CDs, drives, and disks were in the norm. Now, you won’t even have a DVD or a VHS player in your houses because we now have online streaming available. No use for those CDs other than being a big chunk of mess at home? You can actually sell them to a junk shop or a landfill.

You might be surprised on how much you’ll get for selling these; hell, you might even get addicted to it. In addition to that, you can use them for different projects and artifacts so that you don’t have to buy more and more material.

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Wine corks

If your family drinks wine, chances are a lot of wine corks are stumbling around your homes. Although you might feel vintage and classy in collecting these, you can actually earn a bit of money by recycling common household item.

Some wine makers recycle corks, of course so they reuse corks after they clean and filter it thoroughly. Furthermore, some of the accessories we know of today use wine corks as a complementary material.


Aside from car batteries, you can actually chunk up an amount by selling used batteries in your house. The effort you need to make is to ensure those batteries don’t have energy anymore because you might waste it. However if you’re sure that they’re good to go, batteries can be one proof that everyone can earn by recycling common household items.

There are junk shops that accept recycled batteries for their material, as obvious. So, think twice before you dump those in the trash.

Recycling has been an ongoing act because a lot of accounts are revolving around the fact that we need to because mother earth is giving up. Although most of us miss out on recycling, it’s never too late! Besides, you can make something out of it for yourself by having extra income, right?

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