Top Ways To Improve The Signal On Your Mobile Phone

Nowadays, we use our mobile phones for almost anything. From communication to entertainment, it definitely is a one-man-team. When we first buy our smartphones, everything feels new. The connectivity, the User Interface, the overall feel of the phone is great. However, our mobile phones are one of the devices that go through the wear-and-tear process swiftly. Since we use it every hour of every day, we can’t deny and escape the fact that it can be overused. But did you know that there are ways to improve some of your phone’s features? One of which is its reception – the signal. There are ways to ensure that your phone gets the best signal it can get even if it’s already overused. In this article, we’ll be guiding you on how you can improve your smartphone’s signals.

Do NOT cover your phone’s antenna

Yes, your mobile phones have antennas. Why don’t you see them, you may ask? That’s because they’re built-in. That being said, if you unintentionally cover your phone’s antenna, it can block the reception. The recommended handling of your phone is in an upright position or if you’re holding it landscaped, ensure that you don’t cover its antenna. You can search the web on where your phone’s antenna is; most often, it’s in the handset of your mobile device.

Minimize blockages

As most of us know, our reception comes from the signal tower of every service provider. Hence, how far you are from it dramatically impacts your signal. Anything from tall, thick walls to buildings can be considered a blockage that would eventually weaken your reception. What you can do to avoid this is for you to determine where your signal tower is and direct your usage to where the nearest “open” spot there is in your area. Windows and open spaces are good areas to minimize blockages.

Know advantageous and disadvantageous places

In most places, there are what they call “dead spots” or spots which have little to NO network reception. This happens when the signal does not reach a specific point and therefore, causes that spot to become unreachable. Having the knowledge where these lie can have great impact in your connectivity. Why? Because when you know these areas, you can avoid them for your signals not to get disrupted.


Identify the nearest signal tower

In coordination to the previous main points, knowing where the nearest signal tower lies is key. Although most of these towers overlap, it’s still necessary to know where they are located. How can you do that? We have a couple of ways on how we can accomplish this. First and foremost, you can search the web for signal towers of your service provider. Another way is by using apps that scan and locate them (there are tons). Having them so near can provide strongest reception.

Ensure that you properly utilize your phone’s battery

Proportionate to your network reception is your power. One way of ensuring good signal is by constantly charging your phone. Low and inconsistent supply of power can lead to weak reception. As we all know, most smartphones now are designed to endure over-activity and battery drainage; having these said, you need to charge your phone regularly to ensure that reception is also at its best.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can take the following steps to optimize battery consumption for the strongest network strength:

  • Constantly end processes that are unnecessary because they can be running in the background
  • Reduce your phone’s brightness
  • Clear cache and data of your phone’s browsers because they can eat up space
  • Turn push notifications OFF
  • If they aren’t being used, turn the following OFF
    • Wi-FI
    • Bluetooth
    • Mobile Data
    • Location/GPS Services

Although these tips are not that extravagant, they can be of big impact in the improvement or decline of your network reception. Follow these simple but helpful tips and I can guarantee a strong and consistent network reception. Now, you don’t have to worry about having low-quality reception or being the person “who doesn’t have signal” on their phones.

These are only a few of the best tips we can offer. If you have more tips and strategies, don’t be shy to hit us up! We’ll be more than happy to include that in this list.

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