11 New-Found Hidden Bars In Metro Manila That You Should Visit Tonight

As most of us know, there were prohibitions in the 1920’s in liquor and cigarettes. This led to the rise of underground, hidden bars; bars inside different stores, etc. However today, bars are not that very illegal anymore; there are bars here, there, almost everywhere. Convenience stores, sari-sari stores, even some restaurants sell liquor

In the movies, we know that knocking on the door multiple times and saying the password can get you through the hidden bar. That is not the case, today, however.

Although we all love little secrets, today, there are “hidden” bars in and around the metro you can visit. You can visit them without the fear of being chased down by the popos!

Without further ado, here are 11 hidden bars in Manila!

Prohibition Liquor Lounge


Makati is one place where a lot of people go and find a place to drink. Ages of people who h**g out in Greenbelt have wide ranges. This makes this place very diverse. Some people crave for a chill night with slow-tempo music playing. If you’re part of that, then you need to go to Prohibition Liquor Lounge. 

How do I get to this bar? 

Enter Dillingers 1903 – although Dillingers is already a chill place, the Prohibition Liquor Lounge might be the answer to your dreams. Once you’re inside, follow the “yellow tape” on the floor. That tape will lead you to the fire exit. Enter the door and bam, you’re inside.



Would you believe me if I told you that a chill, rooftop bar exists here in the Metro? Well, there’s a place in Mandaluyong that could change how you look at bars here in the PH. Bunk is a place that promotes a chill vibe; you know, where you can talk about life and all other serious types of things.


With booze, good friends, and the cozy ambiance, you would want to revisit this place if you’ve dropped by once.

How do I get to this bar? 

Bunk is located at the roof deck of the Jovan Building in Mandaluyong City.

ABV Cocktail


ABV (A*****l By Volume) is a bar located at a place where you would least expect it. It can be found inside a burger joint called “Lazy Bastard” in Makati. Yes, the “underground” bar is just along Jupiter Makati. This place is so secret that it sits behind a vintage elevator door.


How do I get to this bar? 

Taking it from its name, ABV is a place where your mood can be in line with what you are to drink. It is so hidden that you would not even know that you’re in the vicinity of a cool place like this. Inside Lazy Bastard, you will see an old-looking, vintage elevator. You would have to knock three (3) times to get in. You can find ABV in the basement Floor, 22 Jupiter Corner Galaxy Street, Bel-Air, Makati City.

Bank Bar


Ever imagined a bar inside a well-lit place? Or have you ever seen the music video of “Good Girls Go Bad” where Leighton Meester runs through a convenience store and steps into a hidden club? If you want that kind of experience, then you should probably visit Bank Bar.


How do I get to this bar? 

Located in Ground Floor, RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center, 26th and 25th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, you would have to go through a 7-11 store to get to here.

Blind Pig


Although you might not see it as a bar firsthand, you would be amazed at how hidden this place is. Blind Pig is one of the more known speakeasy bars here in the Metro. This place resides in a building in Legazpi Village; it has a small sign written in braille. In addition, you might want to communicate with the bar first as they tend to “reject” customer who do not have arrangements or reservations. Yes, they are exclusive and secret at the same time.

How do I get to this bar? 

It is located in 227 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City, Salcedo, Legazpi Village, Makati. Again, just to reiterate, it is located in a discrete building with a small sign. Contact the bar first prior to going there to avoid being blocked as you enter.


Cocktail lovers would definitely want to be submerged in the ambiance of Hooch. Though it’s really not that easy to locate, putting in a little effort (and using a bit of waze, of course) could lead you to Hooch. It is hidden underneath Lulu restaurant in Salcedo. May it be vodka based, gin, whisky, or any other liquor, Lulu can create extra spice and excitement to your drink.

How do I get to this bar? 

Hooch is located at Ground Floor, V Corporate Center, 125 L. P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City. Just locate Lulu and yup, you’ll know where you are.

Happy Hour


Imagine a bar or club that is happy hour EVERY HOUR. Although some might think this is TOO good to be true, well it actually is. You might ask where? Well, its somewhere in Pasig and these dark, district-looking atmosphere is a must-go-to place for youngsters. It’s social media-worthy ambiance is a tremendous up in your Instagram game. The owners of this bar wanted wanted to have this “young, free-spirited vibe” in their place since they are also not matured.


How do I get to this bar? 

It’s actually not that hidden. It is located in City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Ave, Pasig. You know the Frankie’s on the above floor when you pass by Julia Vargas? The bar is somewhere in that vicinity. It’s a small place so it’s really hard to miss.

Ocean’s Telephone Co.


I know what you’re thinking… Hmm, telephone co.? If you thought that this bar is hidden somewhere where telephones are, your guess is correct. It sits inside a coffee shop (Frank & Dean) in BGC. In addition to that, the bar is accessible behind a telephone booth inside the coffee shop.


How do I get to this bar? 

First, of course, you need to enter the Frank & Dean coffee shop in Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Look for the telephone booth and voila! You’re now in OTC.

La Cueva Del Chupacabra


Some people are familiar with the famous Mexican eatery El Chupacabra in Poblacion, Makati. Here in the eatery, they also serve cold beer, a few cocktail mixes. However, if you yearn for something “more mysterious,” more sophisticated, and more grand, just walk a few steps at the back of the eatery and there you will find the La Cueva del Chupacabra. This translates to The Cave of the Chupacabra which suggests, you-know-what already.

How do I get to this bar? 

The bar sits inside the El Chupacabra Eatery in 5782 Felipe, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Z Hostel Roofdeck

Over the years, the Makati area has been the go-to spot of matured people – be it foreigner or local – for a chill drink. Z-Hostel Roofdeck wants to deliver a young and youthful vibe to that. It is located at the top of a modern-style hostel (for backpackers). The owners had a bright idea of transforming a lazy, boring roof deck to something amazing and colorful. Although there are of course drinks in the hostel itself, hanging out here is still different.


Given the fact that different bands and genres are being played every night, it sure is a fun and exciting experience.

How do I get to this bar? 

It is located in 5660, Don Pedro, Makati City. You could also rent a room there if you feel like “not going home” anymore (of course, it’s a hostel).

The Curator


This probably is one of the most discrete locations of bars. Why? Because it serves a different purpose during the day and during the night. Although there are liquor displayed on the shelves, it can be “just” displays to lighten up the mood of the area. They make absolutely amazing coffee by day and mouthwatering, refreshing cocktails at night.


How do I get to this bar? 

The Curator sits inside a wine cellar in 134 Legaspi Corner Don Carlos Palanca Street, Inside Cyrano Wine Bar, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Perfect for its neighboring establishments.

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