Ever Dreamed Of A Deceased Loved One? Here’s What These Dreams Mean

Dreams, as far as I can tell are inevitable. There would be nights when we would dream while there would be nights we won’t. In Sigmund Freud’s book, The Interpretation of Dreams (1899)Freud introduces his own theory of the unconscious. This is with respect to dream interpretation and discusses what would later become the theory of the Oedipus complex.

But have you ever dreamed of someone close to you who passed away? Yes, I know that would be creepy but someone so dear to you that you would wish your dream is reality? If yes, well have you ever though what this could mean?

Many people believe that although d***h is natural, the true spirit stays here. Giving emphasis on our loved ones – they stay with us. Some people dream of their loved ones after passing away. Oftentimes, these dreams would seem vivid realistic to the point where you would be hungry of that dream again (even if it’s spooky). But did you know that these dreams are referred to as visitation dreams?

Dr. Patrick McNamara of Psychology Today told a story as regards to this. Over a decade ago, both of his parents d**d with a year apart. According to him, almost six (6) months after each d***h, McNamara would have at least one evocative dream where one or both his parents in it. Furthermore, McNamara explains that these visitation dreams are not the usual dreams we normally experience every night.

So what are these visitation dreams?

According to Psychology Today, these visitation dreams most often have themes:

  • The setting of these dreams are often “organized” rather than the bizarre and unexpected chain of events of normal dreams.
  • Messages of reassurance and/or contentment, such as “I am fine where I am and I am still with you” is conveyed by the deceased to the dreamer.
  • The deceased would appear younger and healthier rather than how they appeared when they were ill.
  • Rather than spoken words, messages in these dreams are often projected mentally or telepathically by the deceased.
  • Once the dreamer is awake, he/she remembers the event as it was intense and realistic. In addition, it would seem to be a real visit experience from their loved one/s.
  • Most often than not, the dreamer is changed by this and is said to believe what he/she had experienced.

People who believe the supernatural tend to consider these as real and legitimate visits from the dead. It’s as if they believe that these conveys a deeper message than just a visit. They believe that these types of dreams have an extreme purpose that can “make or break” their lives.

There are a variety of reasons in which our loved ones appear in our dreams. These would include:

  • Protection or warning from an occurrence
  • A gift or something you are yearning for for a long time
  • To send a message that they’re doing fine and that they’ll always be by your side
  • To comfort you
  • Another reason is to resolve an issue between the two of you; an apology of some sort; asking for forgiveness
  • A way to show you that there is indeed life after d***h – in a deeper sense and context

Although these are the possible reasons why our deceased loved ones show up in our dreams, the reason would still depend on what actually happens on the dream. Moreover, it would also be relative to the intensity of your relation to that loved one.

Do you recall a time where a deceased loved one showed up in one of your dreams? Do not freak out! And besides, they are your loved ones, not just some random deceased person. Be glad and happy that you got to see them one more time.

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