21 Common Dream Symbols And What They Mean

Whenever we dream, we can think of it like vivid letters from the back of our minds – our unconscious.  Before, people thought that these dreams come randomly and are just like shows or programs of our minds that entertain itself when we’re asleep.  Fortunately now, we have dream analysts and researchers who dig deeper into the realms of our sleep and study what these dreams can mean.

In this article, we compiled 21 common dream symbols and their meanings for you to know what causes this and for you to make the most appropriate course of action in your lives.



I am sure you’ve dreamt of babies more than once in your life.  Dreaming of babies or children is one of the more common dreams and this signifies your desire to produce offspring or your own desire to feel loved and to be cared for.  It also signifies a brand new beginning – so you better prepare.



This represents your feelings of being held back in a certain way. Being chased or cornered down by predators can mean that you’re holding back emotions like fear, aggression, or the real you. Dreaming of animals could also mean something with the connection to nature and the wild to yourself.



Dreaming about taking exams, tests, assessments means self-evaluation.  Unconsciously, you might be thinking of your personality, emotional status, or even with yourself as a whole and yearn for improvement.

Keys and Locks

Keys and Locks

Dreaming about keys and locks is a positive figure.  The key symbolizes you unlocking new doors and opportunities in your life. May it be a new promotion, a better job, a better relationship, etc. -You are unconsciously excited about this.

Being Chased

Being Chased

In line with the animals above, being chased can mean many things but most especially this can signify pressure or the feeling of being threatened; the creature chasing you can be another symbol and can be a possible threat.

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