Morning Habits That Successful People DO Before 8 A.M. That We Common People DON’T

What do successful people do differently than us?

That is the big question that spins everyone every single day.  All of us have this thirst for success but do we really want it?  Imagine, if you put in more hours to what you do, then you would be able to be better at it faster and more efficiently.  But what formula do successful people have?

To be frank, I do not believe that such concrete formula exists. What I believe in is that success is dependent on will and perseverance.  “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell.  

However, there are morning rituals successful people do everyday that separate them from the ordinary people – like you and me.  To be specific, they do these things before 8 o’clock in the morning.  I know what you’re thinking “But I am not a morning person,” “I function better at night,” etc., etc.  That is true because the 21st century lifestyle changed the norm.  Although it’s true that it’s nearly impossible to wake up at dawn, studies revealed that we humans are more productive in the morning.

To get back to the point, here are few of the morning habits successful people do.

Successful people meditate

When you wake up, don’t rush to see what notifications you got from your social media.  Instead, relax and give a couple of minutes for yourself.  Deep, slow breathing can release the stress of the day before you.  Furthermore, it can help you remain calm throughout the day.  Make it a habit to meditate and relax right after you open your eyes.

They strategize

Before you start your day and commit yourself to work, organize and think about the execution of your day.  Use extra few minutes of your morning to map out how you want your day to go.  By doing this, you’ll become targeted and focused which in turn will create a smooth flow of your day.  Factor everything like the time you eat, the time you cooldown, travel time, etc.  In addition, try and foresee the problems that can occur as well.  Why?  Because if you closely oversee that a problem is starting to grow, you now have ample time to think of solutions that would be an efficient time-saver.

Eating and re-hydrating

You might say that this is basic but actually, it’s one that most people forget.  What we mean by eating is that you give your body its needed nutritions to function throughout the day.



Take advantage of the early rise before you even think about how your day is going to be.  Make it a habit to exercise – even just minor exercises like jogging, stretching, a few crunches, or push-ups – to heighten up the level of endorphins to jump start your day.

Talk to yourself about goals and positivity

Starting your day on a light and positive tone can go a long way. Talk to yourself about your plans and your goals to set your mood right.  One good practice is to write down motivational words and phrases that can aid you whenever you feel like you won’t make it. Although you might think that this is an irrelevant ritual, it’s actually one of the reasons why the successful continue to be successful. The more time we focus on this, the more we can let ourselves be bulletproof of problems and worries.

Start with difficult tasks first

Some people get the misconception that they need to finish easy tasks first.  Why?  Because they think it is ideal for time consumption.  In reality, you should focus on the tough tasks first. Our minds act like network connection, the larger the stress, the slower it gets.  Focusing on difficult tasks first can fee you up mental bandwidth that can prolong all throughout the day.  As compared to finishing it last or delaying it, you might get caught up with your day. Furthermore, your day can end up badly that you can’t finish it with a smile

Start your day with a smile

On top of all of these, do not forget to always open the day with a smile.  Having this kind of mood after waking up can carry you all throughout the day.  Break free from the stress you’ve had yesterday; flee the negativity you’ve had (if you have) last night.

It is no wonder that discipline is just the sole factor that separates the successful from those who aren’t.  You might think I’ve stated the obvious with this list but these are the only things that keep them at the top.  Wake up early, create a goal, a target.  Then, wake up an hour earlier from that.  With this, you can be ensured that your day will be at its best that you don’t even have to think about it; and, always remember, be thankful that you’ve woken up once again and keep in mind the goals and paths you have set.

The journey just begins here.

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