7 Things That You Are Doing With Your iPhone

Since the era of smartphones, people have been treating them with utmost care and enthusiasm.  Oftentimes, we treat our smartphones as our pets or babies.  Unfortunately, you’re most likely not treating them the way you should.  In this article, we are going to give you some of the things that smartphone experts noticed in the way we handle our iPhones – and nope, these are not good.

We keep it plugged overnight

Although the myth that it will explode if we keep it plugged in overnight is busted, doing this can actually cause real damage.  In a previous post, we mentioned in detail what the ideal amount of battery percentage your smartphone should have.  It should be less than a hundred but more than 90%.  Click that link to know more about how you can take care of your smartphone battery.  One good tip is to charge it during the day so you can unplug it at the right moment.  On the other hand, leave it UN-PLUGGED during the night when you sleep.

We don’t turn it off

It was also explained on our previous post that you should turn your iPhone from time to time or its battery will die faster.  According to experts, if you don’t turn it off at intervals, the battery will stress itself; the power then will gradually decrease, leaving you with a short-lived smartphone.  So, turn it off at least once every week or two weeks.  Let it have some rest, eh?

It’s dirty

Cleaning iPhone
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To give you a heads up, your iPhone is actually dirtier than you think.  In fact, it’s dirtier than your toilet bowl and pet food dishes. To clean it properly without the fear of scratches and marks, Apple recommends using “soft and lint-free cloth.”  You can search for different alternatives as to how you can safely and properly clean your smartphone.

Using your iPhone in extreme weather

Just like us humans, our smartphones can’t endure the extreme coldness or hotness of the temperature.  Many people fail to realize that this is one reason why their phones act weird at certain times. So, refrain from using your iPhone for long when it’s extra chilly or if it’s scorching hot.

A non-Apple charger

Probably one of the bigger problems of a smartphone – it’s charger. Because of the fact that we use it nearly everyday, of course, through the wear-and-tear process, it will be broken.  You can find cheap off-brand chargers that would be fit to your iPhone but there are reports that said off-brand chargers can damage the phone and cause fires and explosions.  An original Apple charger might be expensive but hey, it’s better than setting your house on fire, right?

It’s swipe-unlocked


Or in other terms, it doesn’t have a passcode.  About half of iPhone users do not lock their phones.  Why is it a recommendation to password-protect your phone?  Well, if it gets stolen (and I hope it doesn’t), thieves have easy access to your identity which will then lead to identity theft.  If you have your password, then it’s a good but simple way to protect your identity.

You walk with your iPhone in your hand

R*****s and thieves have hot eyes or smartphones – especially iPhones.  A huge percentage of robberies all over the world involve mobile devices and laptops; a sure sign that it’s not a safe place out there anymore.  Make sure you keep it in a place where a bad-hearted person can’t see it and so he won’t be provoked.

Now that we’ve unraveled some of the things you do wrong with your smartphone, we hope we aided you in an awesome way.  I suggest that you do all these things to prolong the life of your beloved iPhone – and of course, yourself.

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