Take The Five-Minute Personality Test!

No, this is not some palm-reading, future-seeing kind of trick.  This is just a simple five-minute conversation-like personality test that would reveal some aspects of your true self.

How does this work?  

Although it cannot always be 100%, this is pretty accurate.  This quiz uses your unconscious.  From this, you get to say things that are at the back of your mind without you being actually aware of it.

This would work best if the person who would answer this has pen and paper so they could draw what they think of.  Here it goes:

You are alone, walking in the desert and in that dessert, you come across a cube.  

  • How big is the cube?
  • What is it made of?  Can you see through it?
  • In relation to the desert, what is the cube’s size? 
  • What is the cube’s color?  

After that, you see a ladder. 

  • What is the ladder’s position in relation to the cube? (Is it leaning on the cube, on top of the cube, etc.?)
  • What is the ladder’s color?
  • How high is the ladder?

All of a sudden, you see a horse.  You now have to put the horse in the situation.

  • In relation to the first two, what is its position? 
  • Is it wearing a gear/saddle?
  • What is the horse’s color? 
  • Is it tied to something or does it go around freely?

You now then encounter a flower/s.  

  • Is it only just one flower or many?
  • Where is the flower in relation to the other three above?
  • What’s the color of the flower/s?

Lastly, a storm occurs.  

  • How bad is the storm?  Calm or violent?  
  • Does it disrupt the things you have built?  
  • How far is it from the things you’ve had above? 

What they mean:

The Cube – The cube is the representation of YOU and how you see YOURSELF in the world and with everyone and everything around you.  If it is transparent, then that means you let other people see through you.  Its composition is your feelings, how tough or soft it is represents your emotions.  The size of the cube represents your ego and its size, in relation to the desert is how big you see yourself.

The ladder – The ladder represents your goals in life.  Its height determines how high you think your goals are.  If you said that it’s leaning on the ladder, you would need yourself to accomplish your goals.  If it’s on top of the cube, then you might have personal things you need to put and end to first before pursuing your goals.  What it’s made of represents how you see it from other people’s perspectives; if it’s hard then you think it’s hard for others.

The Horse – The horse represents your lover or ideal lover.  The distance between the horse and the cube is a symbol of your perspective of the distance between you and you current lover.  If the horse is tied up and saddled, it shows the need for control in the relationship.

The flower/s – The flowers represents your offspring.  The number of flowers you’ve imagined symbolizes the number of children you want.  Its distance to the cube means the thought of having children (if you don’t have any yet) but if you have, it represents your thought of the distance of your children between yourself.

The Storm – The storm is the representation of your roadblocks, your problems in life.  How close it is to the cube and the others represents how you feel about problems with your life.  If the storm disrupted and ruined everything, it shows that when you have problems, you let it affect most aspects in your life.

The colors:

Black – The main color of authority, seduction, and elegance.

White – The White color symbolizes the color of innocence and purity.  It is also linked to cleanliness and organization.

Red – The power of s****l energy, power, and dominance.  The color of love.

Blue – The color blue represents knowledge, loyalty, and authority.

Green – Prosperity, compassion, cleanliness, and money.  A relaxing color.

Yellow – Enthusiasm and playfulness.  The color of optimism.

Again, this is not 100% sure but it is a good game to try and test how well you know other people.  This is also something that triggers the unconscious mind to think about things that never crossed your mind when you are awake.

What do you think?

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