Food That Help Prevent Heat Stroke

In a previous article, we taught you some tips and techniques to let air circulate in your home; for better, cooler, and fresher atmosphere.  Why is this so?  Well because if we let ourselves be succumbed to this kind of temperature, we are subject to heat stroke.  Furthermore, we can consider the things we eat in order for us to avoid this as well.  Here are some food that we can eat to help prevent heat stroke.

Before anything else, what is heat stroke?  Also known as sunstroke, it is the most form of heat injury and is considered a medical emergency.  It can k**l a person or cause internal organ damage.  Commonly, affects people over age 50 but it does not exempt people below that age.

Going back to the topic, what are the food we can consume for us to prevent heat stroke?


Being a fruit that is 92% water, this fruit can really get you amounts of water without drinking.  The USDA found that watermelon stimulates the release of excess perspiration.  Having that said, you no longer have to worry about getting sunstroke.

Basil seeds

Yes, Basil seeds are a great ingredient for your homemade dishes but what we do not know is that it serves a purpose more than that.  If part of your daily routine is working out and tiring yourself, it would be essential for you to carry a bag of basil seeds and add it to your smoothies.  These seeds can actually give your overheated body some cool it needs.  If you dry up because of the sun, this seed can cool you down.


Being 95% water, the last thing you can think about is dehydrating.  A saucer or a cup of cucumber slices contains only 16 calories.  In addition to help you in your weight-loss program, it can also give you much needed H2O.  Plus, it is a very effective antioxidant that rids off unwanted toxins and extras in your body.  Your digestive system will be properly taken care of and hydrated by frequently giving your body cucumber.  And if you are to eat this, be sure not to remove the skin because it contains a significant amount of Vitamin C.  So are you still thinking if you should eat that slice of cucumber?


Would you believe that this tiny cute fruit holds almost 237 mg of Potassium?  Yes, you read it right; it contains this much and is vital for muscle contraction.  And how can it help with heat stroke you say?  Well, dehydration puts stress in our heart and it stop the kidney’s ability to maintain the appropriate number of electrolytes – potassium.  Eat a bowl of bananas and kiwis and stay hydrated!


Like cucumbers, celeries are also one that contains a significant amount of water – 96%.  In addition to its replenishing factor,  two to three sticks of celery can ultimately revitalize minerals in your body including: magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, and zinc.  So, adding this to your meals can ultimately transform any meal to a healthy one.


If you are not aware of what pomegranates are, they are the “apple-like” fruit that contains a lot, I mean, A LOT of ruby-looking seeds.  The seeds or plumps are called arils and they are packed with water.  Furthermore, they are also rich in punicalagins, a rare antioxidant that is responsible for the health benefits of pomegranates.  And to compare it to red wine and green tea, one serving of pomegranate juice (from the arils) contains three times as much as them.


More than half of the world knows that pears are purely rich in nutrients and antioxidants.  Being about 86% water, one piece of it alone can give you the sufficient amount of fluid that your body needs.  A lot of people follow the water diet ALONE but you can try magnifying the benefits by adding a few pieces of pears!


Just had an intense exercise session?  Cook up a cold bowl of gazpacho and regenerate your exhausted muscles and quench your thirst for H2O.  Gazpacho is made mostly with tomatoes which is again, 94% water.  Add some bits of cucumbers, melon, and bell peppers for a wave of rehydration.

Now that temperature is one important factor of health, it is fairly important for us to ensure that our bodies get the sufficient amount of water.  Firstly, because our bodies are filled up mostly with water and it is important that we regularly replenish that.  Secondly, whatever we do, we release water: when we eat, when we talk, when we walk, we burn the water content in our bodies.  If we have vices, the subsiding doubles.  Lastly, because of the rising temperature of our planet, a hot temperature is fairly normal and how else can we ensure that we won’t be shrugged with heat stroke? – Rehydrate and top it up with these foods.

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