8 Food To Avoid Before Working Out

From our previous posts, we all know that exercise is part workout part nutrition; although a lot of people focus more on the workout part. More often than not, people tend to forget about diet because they think it has little to no impact on the results. What’s ironic is that it is the more important one. Since we’ve known what food everyone needs to make the most out of their workouts, we now should tackle what food you need to avoid before actually exercising. In this article, we will be relaying food you need to avoid before working out; and of course some of the reasons why.

You might think that some of the food types listed here is untrue. Well due to the fact that they’re extremely healthy. But in fitness, the physical part is just 30% of everything; the other 70? Well they’re nutrition. Although the food are great for the health and are naturally fine, timing them with exercise is not the best idea; which is why they’re part of this list.

Dairy products

Note that we’re talking about the food you eat BEFORE a work out, not after. Especially if you’re intolerant or sensitive to these products, it’s important to avoid it before exercise. Approximately 65% of the human population has a weakened ability to digest lactose after infancy. Lactose intolerance in adulthood is most prevalent in people of East Asian descent is more prevalent in lactose intolerance in adulthood. This affects more than 90% of adults in some communities. Why, you may ask? Well, the chemical reaction in the body would most likely cause muscles to intestinal cramping. Thus, avoiding dairy products EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT LACTOSE INTOLERANT is a recommendation.

Although it’s not as good consuming before a workout, consuming dairy products like milk after workout can be efficient. Since they are fast digesting proteins, this can help in the absorption of goodness of the body.


Greasy, fried, and fatty food

Fatty Food

This one is a no-brainer; fatty food is a NEVER before working out. Pizza, burgers, and fries are examples of these. For a more scientific approach, these fatty food with a lot of oil are harder to digest. So, consuming them before working out can lead to diarrhea, cramping, and bloating. Since overall they’re not healthy, try not to consume them as well after exercise as they can lead to unwanted sickness and side effects in the body.

Unlike dairy products, do your best not to consume fatty and greasy food even after a workout.

Carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverage

Even though there are a lot of carbonated beverages that lurk around saying they’re good for a workout – just no. Drinking carbonated drinks causes the stomach to expand with gas. Therefore, this phenomenon causes a lot of negative things like discomfort, flatulence, and indigestion. Plus, it makes your stomach feel like it’s full even if it’s 0. Water can be just as good as everything else so just stick with water for your refresher.


Obviously, a*****l is not good for our system. Although there are reports that dictate that a*****l, in a minimum amount is good for our health, overall, it’s not improving our bodies in every way possible. Talking about it being consumed before a workout, it’s just bread and butter. In exercising, hydration is the number one factor for it to be at its most efficient. Drinking a*****l can dehydrate you faster than you can count. In addition to the fact that they’re dehydrating, they suppress fat oxidation. What does that mean? Well that makes it more difficult to achieve body composition goals. To say things simpler, just don’t consume a*****l before exercising; even after.



Sweets – although they’re something that makes our day better, it’s not advisable to consume desserts or sweets before working out. Why? They’re food that contains fats like oils and cream and butter. These things are the LAST thing you want in your body if you want to improve physically.

Cruciferous vegetables

Although they’re veggies and are really made to improve our health, it’s not advisable to eat them before working out. These vegetables have sulfur-containing compounds that cause gas. Gas in our bodies are not very great when we exercise. Not aware of what these vegetables are? They’re cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

Fruit juice

Fruit Juice

We all know that fruits are one of the more important food we need to digest. Although drinking a full glass is healthy, it’s not recommended before actually working out. Fruit juice has high levels of fructose – fruit sugar that is not very easy to digest. Keeping this in your stomach while exercising can cause it to have cramps. Especially to those who have high sensitivity levels in stomachs, downing a glass before working out is not the best idea. I’m not saying that you should not drink fruit juice at all; all I’m saying is that allot an hour or more before or after a workout in drinking fruit juice.

Spicy food

Spicy Food

There are people who have high tolerances in hot and spicy food. And although these people can easily workout under said circumstances, it’s actually not very advisable. Hot and spicy food causes heartburn because it stimulates the digestive tract. For a good 24 hours, try to avoid spicy food before working out as this can be detected by your systems and can cause the unthinkable. As much as possible, never inculcate spicy food in your pre and post-workout nutritional diet.

I know what you’re thinking; some of the food in this list is actually good, better for the health. That’s true and I won’t deny it. However, the situation and circumstances say otherwise. Yes, they’re healthy but eating or drinking them before exercise? Not the wisest idea. Allot ample time for your digestive tract to fully digest the food before actually working out. Because one thing may lead to another and the food you think that is good for your body can actually make things worse. From stomach cramps to indigestion, it’s just best to let it be and just follow.

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