Advantages of Taking Hot and Cold Showers

Should you take a hot or a cold shower?

Showering is an essential part of our lives. Without it, we won’t be able to declare ourselves clean. However, dermatologists said that the advised interval of showering should be at least one (1) every two (2) to three (3) days. Although there have been no cases of serious diseases linked to showering, it might be dangerous to the skin. But has it ever occurred to you what the difference of hot and cold showers are?

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In this article, we will be giving you the benefits and advantages of taking these types of showers. You may not fully be aware of it; it might not be an important thing for you but knowing these things can actually help you.

How can knowing the benefits of taking hot and cold showers help us?

The pros of this does not just actually revolve around the fact that we feel comfortable. There is something deeper and much more sensible than that, apparently. Some of the benefits include things related to the blood, to how our bodies are, and so on.

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To cite a concrete example, if you work out, knowing the advantages of taking hot and cold showers can help you with whatever you are trying to achieve. Furthermore, it will ultimately help you with sore and aching muscles so you don’t miss out on the daily routine you have.

What advantages do cold showers give us?

In many countries, cold showers are a common practice. Especially in places and countries where snow does not fall. As little as we know, there are multiple health benefits are connected to taking cold showers. But what benefits does it give us?

It improves blood circulation

Probably the best and the most important benefit it gives us. When cold water hits the body, it causes the blood to traverse closer to internal organs to keep them warm. Overall, this increases and improves the blood circulation in the body.

Energizes us

People who take a cold shower in the morning is more likely to have more energy throughout the day. The feelings of cold water hitting the body surprises the body, giving it a jolt and you gasping for air. What this does is it increases both your heart rate and oxygen intake, leaving you to a more energetic state and an improved awareness.

It improves resilience

A lot of people are afraid of cold showers. It’s true, it’s not easy and it sometimes requires a lot of guts to step in. However, cold showers reduce stress because it numbs the nervous system. It makes you more calm and relaxed; most likely, you will cease to overreact to certain situations.

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It boosts the immune system

Other than the fact that it regulates and improves the blood circulation, it also helps the body boost the immune system. Cold water makes our bodies very difficult to keep warm by increasing our metabolic rates. This, in turn, results to our bodies creating more white blood cells because the fact that we struggle to keep ourselves warm, because our bodies will think that it’s under attack.

As we all know, more white blood cells mean a better immune system; so, you are less likely to be infected by a disease.

Better for the skin

Unlike taking a hot bath, taking a cold shower is good for your skin because it will not dry your skin out. Because of its temperature, it leaves the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, moisturized and fresh.

Cold showers can help you battle depression

So, we knew of the fact that cold water shocks and wakes the nervous system up. This sends a signal to the brain which then activates the part of the brain for releasing hormones that promote happiness reduce depression. Furthermore, it sends multiple electrical impulses from the nerve endings to the brain which also has anti-depressant effects.

So, those are the positive effects that cold showers have for our bodies. How about hot showers?

What are the advantages of hot showers?

Just like taking cold water showers, hot showers also have health benefits as well. Although it might slightly be different than the results and impacts of cold water showers, it is still beneficial.

It relieves stress

One reason why people take hot showers is because it can help relieve stress. Taking a hot shower after a long and tiring day can help get rid of the tension and the stress that your body has.

Other than your body feeling fresh, it will feel less tensed and less stressed. This will result you to be able to sleep better and to sleep more.

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Hot showers help relieve congestion

People who often experience congestion and the common colds can ultimately be helped by taking a hot shower. Because of the high temperature, it can help dry the mucus out and, eventually, improve the respiratory system.

So, if you have the common cold or the flu, it is advisable that you take a hot shower to somehow relieve the feeling you are experience. More so, avoid taking cold showers because although it can refresh you, it might not be beneficial to the current condition you have.

It helps fight insomnia

Taking a hot shower is relaxing. Other than the fact that it helps relieve congestion, it can also help a person sleep well. One thing, though, don’t take a shower close to your bed time because hot showers can raise internal body temperature.

The ideal time is two (2) hours to an hour and a half before bed. By doing this, it prepares your body to be relaxed.

It softens the muscles

Do you often have a stiff neck? Or do you often experience soreness or stiffness on muscles of shoulders and your back? One easy way to help relieve the pain is to have a hot shower for a few minutes and let the stiff area run on those spots.

In addition to that, gently rubbing the stiff area while being hit by hot water can also be helpful.

Soothes migraines

One cause of headaches and migraines is because of constricted blood vessels. Taking hot showers can extremely help relieve those vessels and helps it expand for the time being.

So, instead of taking pain relievers and migraine medication, you can try sitting on a hot shower and let it be absorbed by your bodies.

It’s good for menstrual cramps

For women menstrual cramps can be a nuisance to their daily lives. Although there are certain medication, it’s better to approach it naturally. Taking cold showers can badly increase the intensity of cramps. Taking hot showers, on the other hand, can help lessen cramping because it relaxes your muscles.

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So, taking hot showers to relieve it is actually a good way to go.

NOTE: Be careful not to be too long in taking hot showers because it can be bad for your skin as hot showers dry it out.

Those are the advantages of taking cold and hot showers. If you experience any of those, be sure to try some of them and see the results for yourselves!

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