Symptoms of Kidney Stones that Most People Ignore

Most of us love to eat food; who does not? Ever thought of having stones inside the body? Of course, when you hear about “stones,” one thing that will instantly pop in your mind would that it has something to do with the kidneys. What are kidneys, though? Well, those guys will strain excess salt and minerals which typically harms our systems. Eventually, these filtered dirt and unwanted things form as stones or kidney stones. If these stones block your urinary tract and implicate complications on your normal processes, even a single one, you must take medicine that could relieve it as soon as possible. If it becomes worse, you need to undergo surgery as soon as possible.


If this happens, you might want to slow down eating your faves as well. Our favorites most often contain salt and preservatives which give good flavor. This is why most of the time, the main cause of kidney stones are too much salty food, not enough water, preservatives, and so on.

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Kidney stone signs? You may never know until you are in pain and ready to pass it on. Others may have been just experiencing some of the symptoms. Based on findings and the experience of kidney stone patients, here are seven (7) indications that you might be suffering from kidney stones.


Pain can either be the first or the last indicator that you have kidney stone problems. Those who are suffering from kidney stones can complain that they have back and side pain below the ribs. Some clinics and medical institutions stated that it could be felt or radiate to lower abdominal areas to the groin area. The pain may also come in waves or extreme pulses that scatter all throughout the body

Changes in urine and in urinating

When we say changes, we talk about the sudden discoloration in our urine. It may appear pinkish, brownish, or the worst, red; it means that there is already blood present in your urine. It may appear translucent or that it has a foul smell. When this happens, consult the nearest medical practitioner in your area right away.

Irregular urination

If you don’t experience color changes in your urine but you’re experiencing pain when you urinate, then you might already have kidney stones. One of patients’ many dilemmas is that they often have pain in urinating. Although the urge to urinate is frequent and constant, the pain would not be less. If the pain is not that severe, try remedying it by drinking more water and see if it fades. If not, consult your physician right away.

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This symptom might be the least but if this is what a patient experiences, then it needs more attention. Being nauseous without any reason can accompany the fact that you have kidney stones already. This is more common in women especially if they’re trying to get pregnant. Consult with a gynecologist whether or not you’re pregnant and if you’re experiencing it and you’re not pregnant, then better have yourself consulted.


The fourth symptom, being nauseous, is correlated to this. If nausea is occurring frequently, chances would be it will escalate to vomiting. Although vomiting can be caused by a lot of things, if you feel dizzy and if you vomit without a concrete reason, you better check with your doctor to see why. If it’s not because of kidney stones, then it might be something worse so it’s better to know what’s causing it that just guessing.


Most patients reported having fever. They were ranging generally from 100.4 Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) or higher. Of course, fever is accompanied by the pain they feel on their abdomen or lower ribs; their inability to cope with the pain is what’s causing the fever to be high. If you have sudden, intermittent fever, have a urinalysis with the nearest clinic in your area to see if it’s related to kidney stones.


Due to fever, you may experience chills because of the infection. Better be careful because having chills can also accompany kidney stones. Whether you’re in an area where it’s generally not that cold or not chilly and you feel being thrown dry ice, then you better consult with your medical practitioner right away.

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These kidney stones are a nuisance and will let you suffer in extreme pain. If you suspect having one or more of the symptoms, most of them or even all of them, have yourself checked by your doctor. Medical products also say that “If symptoms persist consult your doctor.” Wouldn’t it be better if you do “If symptoms persist or not, always see your doctor for a regular check-up.”  There also are remedies that you may consider to prevent kidney stones such as eating healthy, exercising regularly, and most importantly, always drinking eight (8) to ten (10)  glasses of water a day.

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