I Am Having Problems Because Of My Uric Acid Levels… How Can I Naturally Reduce My Uric Acid?

We’re not getting any younger; each year, we look back on the years we’ve had as teenagers and that’s all we can do. As we grow older, our nutrition gets more serious. Serious in a way where we should always watch what we consume. Fats, salty food, sweets, everything you can think of comes out of the box.

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One of the things that bother most people is their uric acid. To give you a brief description, the natural breakdown of your food and your body’s cells is what produces uric acid. WebMD said that these gets filtered by the kidneys and gets secreted by our body through the form of urine. However, when the body has too much uric acid, kidneys alone can’t do the job and thus, you have a high level of uric acid in your blood.

High levels of uric acid gives a person a lot of things to worry about. Since you have a lot of these in your body, the uric acid can make crystals form in between joints and thus, gout. Gout is not the only condition uric acid can give you. According to reuters,

“high blood uric acid level was associated with a statistically significant increased risk of d***h from cardiovascular disease, stroke, congestive heart failure or any cause.” 


So what are the natural ways to ensure that your levels of uric acid is stable and safe?

Although there are certain medications to counter the effects of uric acid, it’s still best to go natural. Moreover, you won’t have different side effects from medicines and other pills. In these types of situations, going natural is the best way to go.

Say no to fructose

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According to a study done by WebMD, products that promote high levels of fructose are one of the leading culprits of uric acid accumulation. Besides, artificial sweets are in no way good for the body – think about diabetes. A study was made of men who drank six servings of high fructose-tolerated drinks had higher chances of developing gout.


Water works like a miracle

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In every situation, water is a savior. Since uric acid is something that our kidneys work on, consuming high amounts of water can actually be the best course of action. Drinking plenty of water helps your body not only to neutralize purines and dilute uric acid, it also aids our kidneys to eliminate these through urine.

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Ensure your daily intake of vitamin C

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Wow, right? Who knew that vitamin C can increase the potential of your body’s ability to secrete uric acid? This study is according to News Medical. Either by taking supplements or by eating high-vitamin C containing fruits and vegetables like: oranges, bell peppers, lemons, and broccoli could help you get rid of your dilemma.

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Think twice about too much a*****l

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Beer and a*****l has been around since the dawn of gout and they have been two of the major players in keeping it. However, according to a study done by the Arthritis Foundation, wine is technically worse than beer. The study says that consuming more than one serving of liquor in a 24-hour span increases the risk of gout attack by 36%. Moreover, that risk rises with every drink consumed later. On the other hand, wine more than doubles the risk even after just one or two servings.

In conclusion, a*****l is in no way helpful to get rid of gout so, think twice on the party you’re about to have.


Watch your purine intake

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Purines are a natural substance found in most food that we consume everyday. Moreover, this chemical compound known to be one of the contributors in developing gout since our bodies convert them to uric acid. According to a study done by the Arthritis Foundation, having a diet high in purines could increase the levels of uric acid in our bodies causing it to be more prone to gout.

What foods are high in purines?

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Red meat
  • Seafood
  • Bacon
  • Turkey
  • Sardines

These are the things you should keep an eye on if you’re at the line of risk of developing gout.

More dairy, more fun!

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According to a study done by Gout and You, dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt helps the body in secreting uric acid easily. Although there are downsides in consuming dairy products as well, keep it to a minimum and of course choose low-fat dairy products as well.


Watch your weighing scale

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Even if you though this is not related to gout, it actually is. This connects our concerns of consuming less a*****l and purines as overweight and obese people produce more uric acid. Moreover, their kidneys are not doing their jobs good because they don’t secrete it in the correct time. Another study done by the Arthritis Foundation discussed that overweight and obese people own twice as much risk than those who has a normal BMI.

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These are just few of the natural things you can do to help your body eliminate uric acid and even get rid of gout. Ensure that you follow all of these to keep a young, healthy, and rocking body.

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