Ever Noticed Your Wrist Lines and Wondered What they Mean?

Yes, they actually mean something

Our bodies are so complex that they have things, signs, symbols, even features ourselves don’t understand. One example would be how lips are shaped. There are many different lip shapes and they have different meanings in the context of an individual’s personality. But have you noticed wrist lines? Yes, take a look at your wrist. You will see lines running across horizontally. Have you ever stumbled upon what they meant?

What do our Wrist Lines mean?
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What are these wrist lines?

Other than the fact that they’re there to signal the end of the arm going to the hands, they’re also called as “bracelet wrists.” Alternatively, they’re also commonly referred to as Rascette lines. Palmistry, the art knowing one’s fate through the palm, has shown that these lines impose different meanings about a single person’s health, fame, wealth, and overall life.

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People has been practicing the art of palmistry since the time they discovered it. More and more cultures were deemed to know about this and a lot of versions eventually evolved. However, the Rascette lines endured and continued to be practiced up until today.

Moreover, people also cling unto the belief that the number of bracelets or lines in the middle of the palms and arms also signify the longevity of a human’s life. So, if you have more wrist lines, you’ll most likely live longer.

So, what do these lines even mean?

Metaphysics Knowledge had a separate article about this explaining what it is. According to them and their study, if the first (1) wrist line is complete, clear, and unbroken, it indicates 23 to 28 years of life. The second bracelet, however, symbolizes 46 to 56 years of life, while the third is a sign that a person will have 68 to 84 years of life. Having the fourth line means that a person will live for more than 84 years.

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Those are the symbols of the lines on our wrists. As a matter of fact, those are already sufficient information because it deals with our lives. However, there are actually additional information you might want to know about wrist lines.

The first wrist line

According to Metaphysics knowledge’s study and observation, the first wrist line is the most important bracelet as it indicates an individual’s health condition.Moreover, the first wrist line is the line which will be seen as the threshold of other results and conditions.

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 People who have a clear, unbroken, first wrist line means that they’re in a good state both mental and physical.

On the other hand, if the first wrist line is broken, unclear, or formed poorly, it could mean the opposite. The person might be in a state of confusion, recklessness, and being happy-go-lucky.

After the overall meaning of the Rascette lines in terms of age, it can also be a representation of a particular unhealthy condition.

  • Men– If the first wrist line has a shape that curves going upward to the base of the palm, or if it’s like broken lines, this can indicate that problems in the urinary tract, reproductive, or the prostate may arise.
  • Women– For women, however, if the line curves upward to the base of the palm or if it’s in broken links, it can be a sign of gynecological problems or troubles in conceiving or reproducing.

Second Wrist Line

According to Metaphysics Knowledge, the second line is a usual indication of wealth, prosperity, and happiness. It should appear as a single line without any curves, chains, gaps, or links.

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Third Wrist Line

The last of the three most often indicates the fame, name, and the respect of an individual. If the wrist line is straight without gaps or links, then it’s also an indication that the person is influential.

Fourth Wrist Line

Although the fourth is an extra to the formula, it’s usually a parallel of the third Rascette and is most often there to strengthen it. So, having a solid fourth Rascette line usually supplements the symbol of the third line.

Now that you know what those means, would you care to believe the ancient art of Palmistry? Would you be willing to accept whatever your wrist lines dictate to your life? Or do you think that this is another kind of myth or belief that should be stopped?

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Plenty of people still believe in ancient practices and beliefs. A lot of superstitions still roam around and we can’t blame other people for believing what their ancestors’ ways were.

What do you think?

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