Study Reveals that Our Lips can Say Something About Our Personality

Knowing a person’s smile is like knowing a person’s attitude

Has it ever crossed your mind that a person’s lips could mean something in their personality? As a matter of fact, a lot of people judge a certain acquaintance’s social attitude by how they talk, smile, and laugh – all in the lips. Researchers and scientists consider the lips to be one of the few most important features to pay attention to in order for you to know a person’s character. This, however, is true because our lips actually say something about how we are as a person.


If you’re unaware, there are many different kinds of lips; lips that are natural of course. By knowing what a certain lip’s shape is, we can immediately assume and anticipate what type of person we are dealing with. This is why scientists and physiognomists treat the lips as the windows to a person’s character and soul.

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There are many face-reading and body language experts that believe in this. Jean Haner, author of The Wisdom of Your Face and an expert face reader says that how your lips look like directly tells how you interact with certain kind of people. Moreover, this is based on ancient Chinese art and practice of face reading.

The most important thing your lips speak to is [what you’re like] in relationships and how giving you are,” Haner told Cosmopolitan. “You were born with the features you have for a reason—every feature is linked to a part of your personality and they all work together to represent who you are.

What is face or lip reading?

Face or lip reading, based on its definition, is the act of knowing a person’s full intent or character without them saying anything. It is an ancient Chinese tradition and has been passed on by many generations and here we are now. Although these could not be a hundred percent accurate, it’s something you can bank on when the time comes that you need to utilize it.

Specifically, lip reading revolves around the cupid’s bow or the little dip just above your upper lip. The size, the shape, how it moves, the plumpness, and the definition of that little dip or the cupid’s bow, is what expert face and lip readers look at. Here are a few of the shapes and sizes and what possible characteristics it can correlate to.

Thin lips (top and bottom)


When we say thin lips, we say lips that are thinner than the normal but not so thin that it’s not even seen. People, especially women with thin lips, are thought to be timid and loners, as per Haner. Although that is the case, their characteristic of being fine by themselves and of being independent stands out. This doesn’t mean that they can’t h**g out and be fine with other people with them; having thinner ones simply mean that they are OK being alone and that they are independent.

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Ordinary lips or Goldilocks lips

Goldilocks lips

People who have neither full natural lips nor thin lips are what experts refer to as Goldilocks lips. It’s normal because their cupid’s bow is not defined so much and their upper lips don’t lack shape or definition either – it’s like the perfect fit. The balance of the shape and the size signifies their ability to balance everything on their plate. They’re known to resolve any task easily and one of their major strengths is their ability to listen to other people effectively. According to Haner, they’re also known to have a logical sense and to have a sharpened common sense than others.

Lips that are a bit wider and plumper at the center


You will notice that some lips have wider and plumper centers than those of the sides. I’m talking about the upper lips, though. What this means is that they take pride of them being avid and natural performers and they don’t mind showing their skill and talents to other people. In contrast to people with thin lips, they prefer to be surrounded by the people they like and they go and take adventures without hesitation, according to Haner.

Rounded dip or cupid’s bow

Image: DailyMail.Co.UK

Following up from the lips that have plumper centers would be the upper lip with a rounded cupid’s bow. People who have these shape of lips are more sensitive and empathic. Although slight misfortunes, unlucky dwellings, and hurt could take the most out of them, they unwillingly express consideration to other people and to people who need them.

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Full-natural lips


Ever seen the lips of Angelina Jolie? Yes, I’m talking about that type of lips when I say natural full lips. If you think that having full natural lips would be the complete opposite of thin lips, you’re wrong. People with lips like Angeline Jolie, other than being attractive, has a sense of safeguard to other people and to their children (if they have any). Haner says that people with full-on natural lips have the characteristic of feeling pleasure when they ensure care and safety of other people.

Lips with undefined or unshaped cupid’s bow


Yes, there are people who have an undefined cupid’s bow. In addition, people with these type of lips are generally reliable and giving. To the point where they forget about themselves already. Oftentimes, people with this lip-type signal neglection of their own self-care and a lack of emotional boundaries. They are good workers because they are responsible and they give as much of their effort to what they do than to themselves.

Lips with peaked cupid’s bow


While there are people with an undefined upper lip shape, there are people with a more defined or a peaked cupid’s bow. These people are actually known to be creative and those who strive to express themselves by doing what they want and doing it well. They have an amazing memory and they’re the best at maintaining episodes from social interactions, according to Haner. The downside is that they might have too much spontaneity or they can be impulsive, because of their creative abilities.

Fake or artificially-made lips


In any traditional and ancient practice, changing something in your body artificially is like saying that God has made you incorrectly. It’s like modifying something you were naturally given just to satisfy your self-ego. As per ancient Chinese face reading, altering any physical attribute you have is a sign of being needy and selfish. According to Haner, modifying physical features could lead to a lot of distress in life like financial instability, failure in romantic affairs, and the never-ending desire to look beautiful.

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Everyone is beautiful in their own skin and there is no need to indulge in artificial measures. Although as mentioned earlier, these traits might not be 100 percent possible, this was gathered just for you to have a standpoint on what you should expect when it comes to face or lip reading.

Were you surprised by these traits? Or were you expecting something more from the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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