9 Habits Of People With Concealed Depression

Depression is something that gets a person out of the blue. It can neither be hereditary or passed. What this is can be something that is so simple yet complex. It is a very serious mental illness that might go unnoticed in the early years. Furthermore, it is a kind of problem where people battle with themselves all on their own. Most often, they do not share their struggles with others because they do not want to burden people around them.

For most people, depression is just having a bad day, week, or even a month. However, it’s more serious than that. People without this illness do not understand the weight and the intensity it brings; most of the time, they treat it as a joke or as something that is just temporary. I am no psychiatrist but these habits are the signs noticed by psychologists and psychiatrists that relate to concealed depression.

They have abnormal sleeping habits

People with this illness would have troubles in their sleeping patterns. Not because of work or anything, but because of what they have. At times, sleeping can be impossible while there would be times when they would doze off before you even say “good night.” Depressed people overthink to the point where you won’t be able to even imagine it.

People with depression are very talented and expressive

Since depression is a mental illness, people who have this brings them to a state of deeper emotions. With this, you know that they voice out what they think and want; most of the time, they branch out a lot of talent from it, too. Because of what they feel, they would strive to make other people feel great by giving out the best in them in their talents and from what they can achieve.

They make cries for help that go unnoticed

All of us need help when we are in trouble. Depressed people wouldn’t make time to talk to or even make a hint that they need help. It is in some way hidden; so how do we make that noticed? We can’t unless we have this bond with them. Try and understand the perspective of that person in their own and action them as soon as you can.

People with this illness have strange eating habits

People with depression have eating abnormalities. Sometimes, they won’t be able to eat much because they’re being attacked by their illness real time. While there would be times when they would eat a lot for them to escape their demons. Although it varies from person to person, know what you can do to help them by noticing their eating patterns.

They tend to lie by making “cover-up” stories

Depression is something that most people wouldn’t see or sense. This is why depressed people avoid sharing what they feel to others. Having that said, they are experts of making “cover-up” stories to hide what they truly feel. When they feel like something would come up that would be related to what they’re thinking about, they can change the subject or topic instantly.

They try and make themselves happy all the time

With what they have and what they’re experiencing, they make the effort to make themselves feel happy all the time. They learn to fake moods; they will often come off as happy than what they really feel. But, they really make the effort to make themselves joyous to counter the demons inside of them. Although it doesn’t answer the illness most of the time, they find temporary joy and forget what they have in a short span of time.

Depressed people look for love and acceptance

So why do you think that depressed people conceal their illness? It’s actually to protect their emotions – their hearts. Just like everyone else, they also want to feel loved but are scared to reveal the battles they are going through.

They feel other people’s pain

When they feel that other people are down, this saddens them and puts them at their worst. This sort of experience or feeling brings them down; somewhat, this triggers them to feel what they feel. Furthermore, they do their best to try and help their companion but they still feel what the other person feels.

Depressed people have problems resting their brains

Because of their inability to calm down or relax from what they feel, they most often have troubles shutting their brains down. They process everything that’s going on with their lives in a fast pace; they have a hard time working in the normal pace as they want to finish something as soon as they can because their minds are preoccupied. They over-analyze, they overthink, and they try to absorb everything that comes to them.

We now know that depression is no joke. It’s something that can break a person and can even cause d***h. So when you encounter people like them, what do you do? You listen to them and tell them that they can do it. In reality, it’s more than that but you would know that that’s enough.

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