8 Signs You’re Dealing With A Psychopath

Most of us would be afraid when we hear the word psychopath.  Why?  Because this word is mostly being linked to violence.  It might also evoke the image of a villain or a bad guy.  There are signs you could take note of so you have a picture of what it looks like.

8 Signs You're Dealing With A Psychopath

Without conscience: The D********g World of the Psychopaths Among Us by Robert Hare is a book that talks about this.  In his book, he says that the number of psychopaths in the United States is about 2 million.  It’s easy to label and distinguish if someone is just a jerk but how can you tell if he’s just a jerk or a true psychopath?  In this article, we are going to give out eight signs to let you know if you are with a psychopath.

Psychopaths lie a LOT

Psychopaths lie a LOT

Unlike toxic liars who lie without need – they just do it out of muscle memory, psychopath’s lies are goal-directed.  They use manipulation and enthusiasm for their own gain.  “Tricking somebody out of their stuff or into an emotional connection,” says Robery Schug, PhD, a neurocriminologist and clinical psychologist specializing in the biology and psychology of the c******l mind.  “It’s more about getting something from somebody else,” he added.  They do this for them to gain something which can be a promotion at work, a relationship, or any other thing which they can gain from.

They think they’re superior

They think they're superior

Most of the time, psychopaths think that they are better than the people around them.  This most probably is the reason for the negative behavior they are projecting.  If we are going to put this in a workplace, this person is the one “not concerned with the team” or “the one who does not take advice.”  Although you need to know that confident people are not psychopaths; there is a line between that.  This could look something like a dominant behavior or one who is overly confident.

Most of them are charming

Most of them are charming

One of the not-so-obvious and disarming signs of being a psychopath is their charm.  They can conceal their real true selves to appear as someone who is not toxic.  They have a talent in conversing or in talking to people – to gain interest from them.  “He or she easily picks out topics that are important to us and reflects sympathetic points of view, sometimes complete with enthusiasm or ‘emotion’ to reinforce the spoken words,” say Paul Babiak and Robert Hare in their book, Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work.  Most of the time, their stories would be interesting but that doesn’t mean they’re true.

Psychopaths get bored easily

Psychopaths get bored easily

Being bored easily is one of the most often habits you would notice from them.  According to one research, psychopaths are hardwired to be under-enthusiastic than most people.  This is so because their nervous system is telling them that they need to do something exciting all the time.  These are the people who would suggest a “post” or a “pre” activity before or after an event.

A psychopath is problematic – even as children

A psychopath is problematic - even as children

Since it is a personality disorder and personality is less likely to change even in time, these traits are to be observed in childhood.  A study that was posted in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that hyperactivity, temper, and conduct disorders were strong hints of psychopathic behaviors in adolescence and adulthood.  So if you notice that your kid is always messing around, getting a few too many trips to the guidance office, or are in often contact with the cops, then you should take action right away.  Preventing and teaching them to counter this can greatly benefit their mental health which they can bring to their adult life.

They are irresponsible

They are irresponsible

Being impulsive or irresponsible is one very good trait of psychopaths.  Linking it to the fact that they need to do something exciting, they do not think of the consequences of those exciting things anymore.  Whether it’s being reckless with finances, risking relationships by cheating, or by disobeying rules and regulations, this is one clear trait of psychopaths.  This is also linked to the fact that ever since they are young, they are problematic.

They have bad temper

They have bad temper

Our picture of a psychopath is a person who is violent, correct?  Well that violence, must have a root cause and that’s where bad temper comes in.  They become aggressive and they project their feelings with excessive anger.  It doesn’t matter who they’re with or what they’re doing – they’ll have to release what they feel through this.  “In terms of domestic violence, you’ll see physical or verbal aggression over and over again,” says Schug. “Outside of a relationship, they might have road rage or be constantly getting into arguments.”  Because of their charm, it’s hard to determine this because it covers their negative traits – mostly the anger issues.

Psychopath behavior: A pattern

Psychopath behavior: A pattern

In conclusion, this type of behavior is a pattern.  Everyone has had this type of episodes in their lives.  Road rages, hot arguments, even physical fights – these are normal.  What differentiates most of us from being psychopaths is that these occur once in a blue moon.  Psychopaths experience these almost every single day.  “It’s a personality disorder. The personality manifests at work, at school, with family, with friends, when they’re young, when they’re a teenager, when they’re an adult,” says Schug.

By knowing these signs, you can now then determine through observation whether a certain person is just having a bad day or is showing the signs of being a psychopath.  If you feel that someone is on the verge of it, do not hesitate to let them know and to help them.  Proper consultation and accompaniment are key answers to people like this.

Look at yourself and reflect.  If you know you are like this more than you should be, have a friend or a relative assess you.  If you cannot contain it, have yourself checked for the better.

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