Frequent Issues People Struggle With When Overthinking

Without a doubt, we encounter dilemmas of various levels of overthinking.

Every now and then we’re so caught up in our minds that we create problems that weren’t initially present.

This is where I am exceptional. I can think of one simple thing that will expand further and further that will construct a complex question in my head that didn’t even matter at first, sometimes it doesn’t even matter all.

It goes so far that I sometimes dismiss what the first thought was and it devours me whole. I get so frustrated and irritated but I don’t talk about it because I get anxious that talking about it might open another door of problems.

We tend to avoid having a confrontation with the people who trigger our thoughts because we fear the circumstances that might occur and we run numerous discussions in our head before actually happening. It is only logical that the conversations we imagined will not even take place.

Based on my personal experiences, it has been consistent that mentioning my opinions a little too loud than intended always starts something like, “Do you hear yourself? Seriously, how did that come to mind? That’s nowhere near what I am trying to say.”

All too often, we depend on others to cool us down. Whenever a big issue presents itself, I immediately seek for my friends’ advice. Any time I say that I’m anxious and breaking down and afraid and going out of my mind, they would respond with, “Calming yourself is step one. You need to think straight and clear your mind. Truth is, your overreacting right now and this is not the reaction you should have.” 99% of the time, they nail it. It was something everyone but me can see that it’s not a big deal and that I was going way beyond the line.

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We require constant reminder that we’re not being sensible and that we need to slack a bit. If no one does, we let our thoughts eat us and that’s not pleasant.

We’re always alive. It’s difficult to turn off our minds without the help of sleeping pills when they’re always on the lookout. We let our thoughts run through the night once it’s bedtime.

The very second we’re about to fall asleep, a thought gets our attention and we realize, “How come I stopped thinking about that for even a second? I must be cautious of it for eternal now.” It causes us sleep deprivation and messed up body clocks. There’s a mystery with the absence of light and silence and being still that reaches us. It stinks and it’s very unhealthy and we must absolutely do our best to prevent it.

We can be a bit intolerable occasionally. All through my life, I realized that whenever overthinking gets above me, I can be intolerable and not a very good companion.

My friends, relatives and significant other get upset, bothered and they even become very careful of what comes out their mouth if I’m in full blast. It certainly is not something I find entertaining, and I must be conscious of what I say and do every now and then. I also don’t want an impression of being too sensitive and be the person that people avoid to criticize and anger with the slightest remark.

I’ve recently acquired the knowledge that we should be aware of where we are at the very time and cool ourselves down. Being present is very significant. We can’t be absentminded because our thoughts will wander around and might step on a landmine if we’re not careful.

We can take it one step at a time, year by year, day by day, moment by moment.

We must be relaxed and composed rather than being swallowed whole by delusions in our minds. Especially during our 20s wherein transitions always occur and changes happen more frequently, we must reassess.

We should stop chasing something that is not within our reach. What’s destined to happen, will happen, we must realize that not everything is in our control. Challenges are bound to slow us and we must face it with the best of our abilities. How can we be assured that everything will go according to plan? We won’t be.

While failure will cause us pain and destroy us, we must admit that we have no control over all. This is something we can and we must do.

We, overthinkers, must remain focused of what we want to achieve and transform negative thoughts into solutions. It’s incredible how advantageous doing so can be.

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