How Does Your Dog Sleep? Their Position Reveals Something About Them

We all know that our dogs can’t directly tell us what’s up; unless he’s Snoopy or Mr. Peabody of course. Over time, we know what our dogs are by how they behave and how they react to certain things. Moreover, we tend to read their body language and that becomes the form of how they communicate and interact with us. By a surge of excitement, a wag on their tails, and how they bark, we know what they want and what they’re planning to do. All of these combined and we still aren’t sure with our dog’s health. However, this came to a change when Dog Time said “Your dog’s favorite sleeping position might change based on where he’s snoozing, who he’s sleeping near, or if he’s feeling a certain way.”

In this article, we will be discussing the types of sleeping positions our dogs do and what they mean with regard to their health.


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Ever seen your dog sleep sideways like how you do it? Most of the time, this is how certain puppies sleep. As a matter of fact, this is how most pups sleep as this is a sign of comfort. According to NextGen Dog, what this position actually says is that the puppy or the dog is napping. Although it’s possible that dogs sleep longer in this position. This position displays comfortability and complete trust with its owner. Them exposing their tummies is a clear indicator that they’re comfortable in where they are whenever.


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Imagine your dog lying down belly-flat with its face ready to go. This means that they’re not fond of sleeping; this can be an alarm that they’re stressed or uncomfortable. Why? Because they’re hiding their tummies. Furthermore, they’re keeping their muscles in tact so they can try and get rid of the feeling of sleepiness. On the other hand, this can mean that your dog or your puppy is full of energy and would prefer playing that sleeping.

Upright curl

Photo credits to the owner. Photo taken from dogtime

This position is one of the more common with dogs. The curled up position where you see the point of their nose so close to their tail; although their tummies are concealed, this position actually tells us that the pup or doggo is comfortable and doesn’t want to be woken up. On the other hand, this also is a sign that your dog is apprehensive and is anticipating something while they’re asleep. Moreover, it can also mean that they’re cold since their hiding their tummies and their organs; they’re keeping it from being exposed. This position actually restricts movements while he’s asleep. So when you see your dog sleep like this, be cautious!


Photo credits to the owner. Photo taken from holidogtimes

The position that would change how you feel about dogs! When you see a dog that’s sleeping like this, you can’t help but to hug them like crazy! This position actually tells that the dog wants to cool down; their paws have sweat glands meaning, it being suspended in the air is an indicator that they’re in heat. Moreover, their bellies are the part of their bodies that contain the least amount of fur. So, being exposed can definitely mean that they’re looking for that coolness. Beware also Dog Time says, this position can mean that the dog doesn’t want to be woken up because they can be in extreme relaxation while in this position.

Back on all fours (Crazy Legs)

Photo credits to the owner. Photo taken from petmd

If you see a dog sleeping in this position, it would immediately allow you to think that that dog is more than comfortable and relaxed where it is. WideOpen Pets said that dogs who sleep in this position are displaying a great amount of vulnerability and comfortability. With their backs on the floor, bellies exposed, and limbs in the air, their organs are completely exposed; this shows a laid back feeling plus vulnerability. Whatever the case is, if this position is your dog’s favorite, you can be sure that he is 101% comfortable and he trusts the environment around him.


Photo credits to the owner. Photo taken from holidogtimes

Obviously, from its name, it’s the position that makes your pup appear like he’s some superhero. Although many dogs sleep on their stomachs, the superman position tells a lot about energetic and happy dogs. So, if you see your dog sleeping in this position, it automatically tells you that they’re always on-the-go, ready for action. This can be a hint that your dog is always ready for adventure so it’s okay to wake him up while he’s in deep sleep.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen a dog sleep in one of these positions. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to tell what your dog wants to say and what they want to do. You won’t have to make guesses on what they feel.

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