Body Acne and What it Tells You About Your Health

It’s not only an annoying part of life, there’s actually something much more

Acne is everyone’s dilemma, especially during puberty stage. There are some gifted who are free from it eventually, while there are some who carries it all the way to adulthood. It’s a common notion that it runs across the bloodline but what is it really?


Experts say that acne is a sign of improper skin care. Other experts, on the other hand, say that it’s a mere improper way of caring for the skin. Nevertheless, it happens. While there are some who are stuck with acne ’cause of genetics, there also are people who can’t just get rid of them – and even grows in other parts of the body. Yes, body acne is a thing and it’s something that you should not disregard because it can actually tell you something about your health.

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Modern doctors, healthcare practitioners, and physicians analyzed ancient studies and observations of Ayurvedic and Chinese medical texts and were able to determine body acne zones and what it tells us about our health.

Shoulder acne

Body acne will most likely appear on the shoulders if you’re regularly under stress. According to the body map of acne, this is a crucial body part in which acne grows in especially if it’s connected to stress, anxiety, and other problems within. If you think that that’s not the issue, then it could be friction on your shoulders.

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Arms acne

Keratosis pilaris which is more commonly known as arms acne is usually seen if you have poor blood circulation and excess dead skin cells around hair follicles. To make it even worse, it’s something that salicylic acid and moisturizers cannot fully eradicate. To add to that, it could also be a sign that your body is not getting the correct nutrients and vitamins from the food you eat. Alternatively, it could also be a sign that you have a high-calorie diet.

Jaw and neck (face)

This part of body acne is probably where it’s most common. Experiencing acne on your jaw, neck, and face could be a sign of hormonal imbalance. If your adrenal glands cannot be contained, you’ll most likely end up having a head-full of acne; see puberty for example. However, other things like too much sugar intake, long hair that isn’t always clean, and improper facial care could also be a reason why.


Ever experienced having body acne all over your chest zone? If yes, then the reason might be heavier and worse than just sweating. As a matter of fact, it could be a sign that you have poor eating habits and digestive problems. If you’re regularly experiencing this without any clear reason why, try to avoid spicy and salty food and beverages that are too cold. However, it could also be because of the apparel that you wear or untreated skin or fungal infections.

Stomach area acne

Body acne found on the stomach can actually be because of high blood and high sugar levels. Moreso, it can also be because of a few oil glands in your system. Although those can’t be the only reasons, it could also be because of the lower body apparel that you wear.

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Legs and thighs acne

Having body acne on your thighs and legs might be unusual but it can be allergic reactions to a couple of things. It could be because of the reason on why you’re having acne on your arms. Nevertheless, it could be because of the things that you apply on that part of the body.

Upper and lower back acne

Probably one of the most common location of where acne grows, the upper and lower back acne could mean more than just sweat and where you rest your back. One of the reasons of this body acne is because of your diet; what you eat could contain high levels of calories, it could be oily, and it can have too much cholesterol. Other reasons could be skin allergies, excessive sweating, clothes that are too tight, poor hygiene, and your skin being sensitive to fabric detergents, and different laundry soaps.

Pelvis to g*****l acne

It’s embarrassing but it’s true, acne can grow on your g******s and it isn’t just painful, it’s annoying as well. Since the area contains high levels of moisture, it can be a good area where acne can grow in. Another reason for growing acne in this area could be because of improper and poor hygiene. Moreover, it could also be because of an STD and other diseases that could negatively affect the g******s.


Buttocks acne

Lastly, acne on the buttocks could be because of poor digestion, too much spicy food, and cold beverages. On the other hand, it could also be because of clothes that are too tight which prohibits the buttocks from breathing.

To be clear, these are just general ideas and guidelines based on the ancient Chinese way and learning. Every person has a different skin-type; anyone could be more sensitive about one thing and cannot be sensitive about another. In addition, these health issues and signals could not be a hundred percent accurate; they’re just here as general guidelines so people could have a basis on what we’re trying to know.

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What do I do if I’m having a lot of body acne?

Of course, it’s common knowledge to visit your general health practitioner and a dermatologist to have your condition observed and tested. As a matter of fact, failure to determine its cause early is one of the reasons why it’s growing rapidly. Moreover, sensing that your body is producing too much acne is a sign that you’re aware and that you’re acknowledging your health.

Not being able to have yourself checked is one of the reasons why people fall out and fail because of acne. As per ancient Chinese learning and medicine, body acne can be symptoms to deeper, much more dangerous health signals.

However, knowing where body acne is growing on your body could be good especially if you’re experiencing other symptoms. Therefore, knowing what to expect because of the acne you’re seeing can be a huge step towards you resolving your health concern.

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Hopefully, we were able to inform you of the different health signals and symptoms that body acne has on your body. You can have this guide as a simple basis but, of course, don’t expect everything because ancient Chinese practices are not proven Scientifically and effective 100 percent. However, following and being aware of these body acne symptoms could help you see what part of your body is currently hurting or what part of your system needs to be fixed.

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