Avoid Eating These to Make You Look Younger

Looking younger is more than just applying cosmetics on your skin

Want to look younger without the help of dangerous chemicals that can impact you with tons of side-effects? There actually are certain food to make you look younger. Yes, just by eating natural food, you can be sure that you won’t age badly. On the flip side, there are that you should avoid in order for you to look younger. In this article, we will be discussing what these foods are that you should avoid for you to be sure that you will look better and younger.

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What makes a food good for the skin?

Collagen is the most abundant protein inside the body. Being protein, what you eat can actually affect the levels of collagen in your body.

Elastin, on the other hand, is an elastic protein that helps in the shaping of tissues in our bodies after being stretched or contracted and after when it’s pinched or poked. Meaning to say, these two proteins are what we need to take care of in order to make ourselves look younger. Now, here are the list of foods you need to avoid consuming to make you look younger.

Charcoaled meat

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Ever have a barbeque and see the black marks on your meat? Ever heard that these are actually healthy and that it’s an essential element in natural food? As a matter of fact, it’s not. Moreover, it can actually help in making you look older. Charcoaled meat or charred meat contains hydrocarbons that are pro-inflammatory. Meaning, it can aid inflammation and can break down a person’s collagen. To avoid consuming this to make you look younger, remove it before eating the meat.


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As bad as it may sound, consuming too much a*****l will not only promote toxins in the body, too much a*****l drinking can hurt your skin as well. The a*****l gets filtered in the liver, therefore, drinking a*****l is part of the liver’s daily work. Ariel Ostad, MD, said that if the liver is not properly performing because of too much drinking and filtering, toxins can escape and affect the liver. In addition to that, he said that toxins building up in the liver and those that aren’t properly broken down can develop skin issues like wrinkles, acne, and other skin conditions no one wants to have. Now, that is the effect of too much drinking.

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Image: Pixabay.com

Sugar, one of the main enemies of our skin, is actually something you should avoid especially if you’re experiencing issues with your skin. As mentioned above, everything that harms or interferes with both the collagen and elastin would impose a negative effect on our skin. When our bodies break sugar down, it produces advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These things build up and cling to collagen and retards them. So, cut back on sugar consumption because it is one of the reasons why you look older.


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Margarine, if you’ve been living under a rock, is the well-known alternative for butter. A study done and published last 2001 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, people who consume margarine had more wrinkles than those who didn’t. Although it’s overall healthy, consuming it regularly can impose negative effects on our skin. Margarine, as compared to butter, has many levels of saturated and trans fats which comes from vegetable oils; which, in turn, can cause inflammation. Not only does it tamper with our skin, but it can also heighten the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

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I know, you’re surprised. Lemonade is one of the things that actually should not be a part of this list but it is. Although lemonade is something that helps with our overall digestion, consuming too much lemonade can actually damage your skin and your teeth enamel as well. Lemonade contains sugar and acid that is too focused. The sugary and acidic drink can deplete the external parts of your body.

Junk food/Salty food

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The reason why it’s called junk food is that it’s really something that doesn’t help with our overall health. Snacks that contain high levels of sodium can dry your skin out and make its glow lessen. What does this mean, then? Beth Warren, RD, said that too much salt in our bodies will make the cells produce more fluids to negate and neutralize the salt substances in our bodies. Moreover, your skin will be drier because of less fluid.

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Coffee is a lot of people’s, if not everyone, best friend. Not only does it help wake us up, it also gives us this aroma and good taste. However, coffee has caffeine which can dehydrate the skin. So, to combat this, what you can do is to have a glass of water while you drink coffee. To add to that, drinking with too much sugar and cream can also deteriorate the health of your skin.

With all of these foods here, you now know what you should avoid to make you look younger. These goods that we have, while they’re somewhat healthy if consumed seldom and moderately, you need to have discipline because too much can actually age your skin in ways you will NEVER like.

Remember to eat food that are healthy and that can make you look younger, not food that can aid in the d***h of your skin.

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