6 Foods That Are Actually Bad For Your Skin

The skin, being the largest organ in the body should never be disregarded. Although a lot of us have our own ways on skincare, it’s still essential to consider the internal setting. We have creams, facial cleansers, even pills to maintain our healthy glow; what’s not looked at are the things we eat. Yes, the things we eat put a major bet on how our skin would be. In fact, what we eat drastically affects the condition of our skin. Moreover, it can make or break whatever we apply to our skin. In this article, we will be detailing some of the food that we think do not have effects on our skin but are are actually bad.

If you cannot avoid them, at least minimize consumption


Anything with high levels of sugar are bad, not even just for the skin. Acne loves sugar in fact, Becky Sturm, founder of the online beauty shopping website StormSister Spatique says “Inflammation and redness of the skin will continue until sugar is cut down from the diet.” Especially artificial sugar, you might want to read the labels on the munchies that you buy if you’re looking after the wellness of your skin. Furthermore, sugar is one of the main reasons why Diabetes is existent; it’s actually hitting two birds with one stone.


Although a lot of people do not believe that dairy products are one reason for the continuity of breakouts, it actually is true. As a matter of fact, Valori Treloar, MD, dermatologist and author of The Clear Skin Diet explains that “Milk can be full of growth hormones and growth factors that remain biologically active even after pasteurization.”  Even if you consume organic dairy products that are taken directly from cows, well these cuddly creatures are often fed with high and moldy GMO corn and soybeans which of course produce more oil than it should.


Well consuming too much a*****l is in no way healthy especially if it’s on a regular basis. Moreover, a*****l is part of the prime reasons why you’re not seeing the goodness you’re expecting with your beauty and cosmetic products. Not only that it promotes hormone disruption when consumed and decreases the levels of vitamin A (which is a powerful antioxidant), it also affects the hydration that your body provides. It can dehydrate your face, your skin entirely and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Fast food

It’s the silent truth… Fast food is in no way good for us and for our health. I mean yeah, we can get around hunger in a jiffy but what good does it do to us? NONE. Overall, if it’s not good for our health, then it won’t be good for our skin either. It’s kind of self-explanatory; you know what to do.

Processed food

Although you might think that some of the processed food we consume is essential, it really isn’t. To make things clear, fast food and processed food are almost technically the same – but they really aren’t. As per Ashley Koff, RD, nutrients and enzymes get broken down during the process and it is something we should never disregard. Moreover, boxed food also have low water content; all food including fruits and vegetables in their natural state have the highest water content.


Studies show that 2-3 cups of caffeinated beverages trigger pituitary-adrenocortical response, which leads to heightened cortisol levels in our bodies. What’s bad about cortisol is that studies concluded that it accelerates the aging process plus it damages our skin. Although it holds a relevant amount of wake up substances, overall, it’s not that healthy. When the skin is thinner, it’s more prone to different skin deficiencies like wrinkles, dehydration, lines, etc. Hydrating our bodies means keeping our skin at its finest.

Although most of you already know what’s going to appear here, it’s still essential to be aware on how it affects the largest organ in the body. Moreover, now that you know what food to avoid, you can then have the peace of mind that your skin won’t be a scratch away from achieving a natural glow and beautifully-looking skin.

Take note on these because some people might believe myths and hearsays that would lead them to regret what they’ve been deciding on. Spread the word, help friends and family achieve a naturally-looking skin. “You are what you eat.”

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