More Than 250,000 People Tried Solving This Riddle

Do you like solving riddles?

Riddles are a good way to salvage your boredom. As a matter of fact, a lot of people use riddles to gauge how a certain person thinks outside the box because usually, riddles have that nature of making you bleed your brains out.

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In a previous post, we talked about personality tests and aptitude tests. Although the latter are quite different than riddles, they still would tick your mind into thinking.

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According to Reader’s Digest’s data, there’s a single popular riddle where over 250, 000 people tried solving it. What this means is that a lot of people already tried attempting to solve the riddle. There are no mentions whether or not that figure successfully solved the riddle, it’s just that a lot of people tried solving it.

Of course, we won’t leave you with a cliffhanger. Here’s the riddle:

A man was driving a truck. His headlights weren’t on, and the moon wasn’t out. Ahead of him, a woman dressed in all black started crossing the road. Fortunately, the man braked so she could cross. How did he see her?”

The riddle might seem a little bit tricky but when you try thinking of it deeper, you’ll know that it really isn’t. To solve it, you’d need to consider all of the factors in the riddle itself. Try reading it over and over again, you will be able to know all of the factors.

That’s the best and the only hint you need and you’ll be able to solve the riddle.

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Scroll down to know the answer to the riddle.

The answer is: It was the middle of the day! Well, the thing or things that threw it off are: the moon wasn’t up and his headlights weren’t on. That only means one thing – it’s not yet nighttime!

The imagery that it wanted you to think is that it’s nighttime because of the black dress and because of the mention of the moon. However, the riddle never really specified what time of day is it!

Interested in knowing more riddles like this? Stay tuned!

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