Kidney Infection Signs You Need to Consider

Kidney infection is a serious case, you should never ignore it

A lot of people experience difficulties with their kidneys. May it not be because of their lifestyles, but because of the food they eat. One of the most common signs of kidney infections is the urinary tract infection. To give you a brief rundown on what this is, based on its name, it is an infection of the urinary tract which can include either the bladder or the urethra, or even both. This is common in women however, men can have this condition as well. This should never be ignored because it can escalate to more serious diseases like diabetes and permanent kidney damage.

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Kidney infection signs are most common unnoticed due to the fact that a majority of people think that whatever they are feeling is temporary. More so, people think that these signs can be taken out by simple medications.

Fara Bellows, M.D., urologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, says that kidney infections start from the bladder.

Kidney infections are caused by bacteria that start out in the bladder as a lower urinary tract infection. They are one of the most common urologic conditions that we see in a general urology practice.”

Are there things you are currently experiencing that are out of the norm? Do you think that these things can lead to you acquiring dangerous diseases and conditions?

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It’s a common tip to visit your local health practitioner in the event that you experience different things in your daily routines. Doing so not only gives you ample time to treat your condition, it will also reveal the things you need to know about your health. Having that said, you should be keen in checking everything including kidney infection signs to ensure that you are at best with your health.

What kidney infection warning signs should you watch out for?

Frequent urination

Whenever you feel that you need to go, you really need to go. Although this is a common occurrence to everyone, it happening more than it should can actually be a sign that you have a kidney infection.

How often is it, you may ask? Well, if you are urinating twice as much as you normally do, it can already be a sign. However, external factors can be have a role in this such as drinking too much fluids than you normally do, etc.

Frequent urination can be a clear sign of interstitial cystitis which is an infection in the bladder which causes it to be inflamed. So, if you are noticing that you are leaking off more than you should, consider having yourself checked.

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If you notice that your urine has blood (blood in urine)

Every time you notice blood, there is something wrong. Especially if you notice blood in your urine, you should already be alarmed. Often times, physicians and urologists will tell you that you have blood in your urine based on urinalysis – you will not be able to see it visibly on what you excrete.

In situations where you really see reddish spots in your pee, that’s a different story. If you see light pink, to reddish, to coca-cola colored spots can be an obvious sign of a kidney infection. You might be asking: how does blood get in our pee in the first place? Well, it’s actually because of some leakage of some red-blood cells from the kidneys or other organs and parts of the urinary tract.

Strong urine smell

Sometimes, we might notice that our urine has strong foul odors. This can be triggered by different external factors but it seldom gives you a hint that you are on the verge of having a urinary tract infection.

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Dr Melissa Stöppler, a board-certified anatomic pathologist with a sub-specialty training in experimental and molecular pathology says that if your urine has some type of an ammonia smell, it might be a sign that a UTI is already on its way.

Pain when urinating

Blood and pain are the most common notions that something might be wrong with your systems. If you get any type of pain when you urinate, may it be a sting, a slight sharp pain, or total discomfort, you might want to have yourself checked.

Dysuria or painful urination is one of the more obvious kidney infection signs you need to watch out for. Dr Thomas Michels, a family medicine doctor in Sequim, Washington, says that dysuria or painful urination is a common condition to at least occasionally approximately 3 percent of adults older than 40 years old. However, this condition is more common in women.

Lower back pain

Experiencing pain in the lower back and in the pelvic areas could be anything. However, if you feel this with other possible kidney infection symptoms, then you should consider getting yourself checked. Having the sensitive feeling around the abdominal region, could say that you have cystitis or the inflammation of the bladder. This, in return, could be a possible kidney infection sign.

Lower back pain, however, is somehow a different story.  If you have a kidney or a bladder infection that has been untreated, the pain and the sensitivity you are feeling can radiate from the abdominal and pelvic areas to the lower back.

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So, if you are feeling a bit uneasy and sensitive in those regions, consider to have yourself checked by your local healthcare practitioner because it can be an underlying sign that you have a kidney infection.

Could home medications be enough to treat this?

Although some people believe that drinking buko juice can ease these types of conditions, that is not always the case. Sometimes, it can be a good resort but, of course, it is always better to consult your doctor first before succumbing yourself to any type of treatment.

Do people die from kidney infections?

Probably the bottom line of this all is your fear whether or not this specific infection can actually lead to d***h. When you see a health practitioner and they decide to put you on a course of antibiotics, then that means that your kidney infection symptoms are not yet that heavy and medications can actually give aid and be all clear. However, if a kidney infection becomes worse and is eventually allowed without treatment, that is the time when it becomes lethal.

Kidney infections have some sort of a serious impact if it does not get treated. It can lead to various inflammations and can affect other organs in the body as well. So, if you are feeling something off or sensitive around the areas in question, have yourself checked for possible kidney infection signs.

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