Surprising Things Your Urine Color Says About You

It’s not just a color

Our urine is something we need to consider checking every now and then. Some people think that it’s not an important factor but it really is. Every one of us needs to consider checking our urine color at times because it’s something that can signal something with our health. Little did we know that our urine can dictate a lot of things that revolve around our health. This can help us to know whether or not we’re hydrated enough; this can help us in knowing what we need for our daily nutrient and vitamin intake, and many more.

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According to Cleveland Clinic, a lot of things can be seen just by looking at your urine. Furthermore, you can check a lot more by just doing a urinalysis. But, what things about your health can your urine color say?

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What does your urine color signal about your health?

Before we get to that, it is important to know that not all of these would be accurate. Although the signs are the closest and based on research and study, it cannot be 100 percent sure. However, blood in the urine is serious and can cause drastic damage. Usually, it cannot be seen by the n***d eye but can be detected through urine analysis. So, what things can your urine color say about your health?

Another thing to note is that if you’re having difficulty or changes when you pee; if you frequently urinate, then it could mean that your sugar levels are elevated. Sweets can affect not just your weight but also your health overall. Muhammad Shamim Khan, M.D., Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital urologist, says that frequent urination can be a warning sign of an upcoming, much more dangerous condition – diabetes.

Clear urine

If your urine color is transparent or clear, then that usually means that you’re drinking a lot of water. Although it’s advisable to drink a lot of water, you might want to somehow cut back because it’s not  too healthy as you think.

Pale color

If your urine has a bland color to it but is pale, then that just means that you are healthy and you are well-hydrated. You’re drinking and burning just the right amount of water and that’s the reason why you’re seeing this urine color.

Yellow transparent

If it’s darker than pale, then that means that you’re normal. You might not be drinking enough water but you’re not in danger.

Dark yellow

Having a dark yellow urine color is still normal. It doesn’t mean anything dangerous or serious but you should think about drinking more water.

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Honey color; yellow color

This is an immediate sign that your body is lacking water. If this is your urine color, you need to drink more water immediately.

Syrup brown; light brown

This could mean that you have severe dehydration. In addition to that, this could also be a sign that you have a liver disease. You can’t rely on drinking too much water, if you see this as the color of your urine, proceed to your medical practitioner immediately.

Pink; reddish

Now, if you think that the main reason of this is because your urine has blood, think again. Seeing this shade as your pee color could mean that you might have eaten blueberries, beets, or other fruits and herbs that are reddish in color. It could also mean that you have some kind of a kidney, prostate, urinary bladder, or an infection. The least common would be mercury poisoning. This is alarming, contact your doctor if you notice your pee color to be in this shade.

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One common signal of this is that you’re not drinking enough water. Moreover, it could also just be food dye. An alarming sign of having an orange urine color would be a bile or liver duct condition. Immediately visit your health practitioner to have yourself checked.

Blue/Green; Blue Green

Now, if you’re thinking that this is another condition, thikn again. This is kind of a different scenario. Having your urine color in the shade of green and/or blue is a rare genetic disease. Moreover, it could be because you have eaten something with that same dye. Furthermore, it can also mean that the bacteria in your systems could possibly cause infection in the urinary tract. Usually, these can be treated with correct medication and although it’s not lethal, you need to visit your doctor to have yourself checked.

Fizzling or foaming

When it happens, you will notice your urine having these types of consistency. Although it doesn’t happen very often, it could be an indication that you have kidney problems or that there is too much protein in your diet. If you observe that your urine is always fizzling or foaming, contact a doctor immediately.

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By looking at the differences in urine color, it’s quite obvious that your goal is to have a color of light yellow or transparent. If you think that having a clear complexity of urine is the best, no, this means that you’re drinking too much water or you are not exhausting the water you drank.

Could it be possible that our urine color be affected by outside influences?

As you may have noticed, most of the time, if the color of your urine is different, it’s because of something you recently ate. Furthermore, if you’ve taken a few medications and other dyes doctors will give you can make your urine darker. However, we cannot rely to that.

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There are a lot of things we can see by simply looking at our urine color. It’s not just with something we eat or a genetic condition, it could also be signs and symptoms of things and conditions larger on a bigger scale.

Recently, our urine serves as an essential tool to determine different conditions and diseases. Doctors check the urine because from our urine consistency and urine color, they can see what medications would be fit for our condition. More so, it can uncover a lot of things about how our current health status is.

So have you recently checked your urine color, consistnecy, and how much you urinate? Thinking that these things are irrelevant is wrong because as a matter of fact, our urine can tell us a lot of stuff about our health. Moreover, it can be the key to us being freed from whatever condition we are experiencing. Observe how you urinate and your urine color and if you think it needs professional attention, have yourself checked by a medical practitioner immediately.

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