Do You Like Drinking Lemon Water? Here’s What Actually Happens When You Do

In a previous post about keeping lemons inside the room, we mentioned that one of the most efficient uses of it is by putting it in our drinking water.  Many of us love putting a slice of it in our drinks.  Why?  Because its taste improves.  In addition to that, it also has health benefits.  But what specific health benefits does it have?  Here are few of the things that happen when we drink lemon water.

Your digestion will improve

Digestion is the process of moving food in the body.  Proper digestion is one relevant part of our health as it prevents problems in the colon.  Furthermore, it ensures that your metabolism is working positively and efficiently.  Lemons contain pectin, a naturally occurring substance (a polyscaccaride) found in berries, apples and other fruit; this pectin helps lemons in the digestion process.  A lukewarm glass of lemon water in the morning properly starts your digestion and prevents the accumulation of waste in the body.

Skin gets softer and better

Proper hydration leads to softer, smoother, and better skin.  Since lemons assist us in hydration, naturally, our skin will appear softer and better even without a moisturizer.  It also contains antioxidants that eradicate wrinkles and blemishes in the skin.  Moreover, it ceases and prevents the build-up of toxins inside the body.  Thus, giving you a young-looking, healthier skin.

You re-hydrate more efficiently

Before the rise of sports drinks, lemon water is the preferred and perfect drink after a workout.  Whenever we exercise, we sweat, we lose electrolytes.  For re-hydration to take place, we need to replace those lost electrolytes.  Drinking water alone cannot re-hydrate you fast and efficiently.  Adding lemon to it, however, will allow you to absorb additional nutrients and speed up the process of the replacing of electrolytes in the body.

Lemon water contains potassium


Aside from bananas, lemons also contain abundant amounts of potassium.  To ensure that you get the right amounts of potassium everyday, add a lemon to your drinking water.  Why is it so important?  Well, potassium helps with numerous things including cardiovascular health, kidney function, and brain function and development.  If you’re not that in with bananas, drink lemon water and it’s definitely going to be beneficial.

It is good for the liver

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Given that liver is one of the more important organs in the human body, taking good care of it is just as important.  If you aren’t aware. it is a filter that flushes irrelevant dumps in our body.  In addition, this is also the place where d***s are metabolized.  Since lemons contain citric acid, it minimizes and lessens the toxins in our body.  In short, it detoxifies us which is a big help for the liver.

Your body will have less inflammation

When you are injured, your body’s automatic response is inflammation.  However, if your body tries to protect yourself from injuries that don’t exist, that’s chronic inflammation.  This type of inflammation could lead to a variety of health problems including c****r.  Since lemons contain a number of antioxidants, it helps lower the acidity levels in our bodies.  Which then reduces inflammation by eliminating uric acid.  If you have been feeling that some of your body parts are swollen, add lemon to your water and observe if the problem goes away.

Lemons really have this relevant role in our lives.  Now that you know what they can do to our bodies, are you still thinking if you should add lemon to your water?

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