Natural Ways To Relieve Stuffy Nose And Nasal Congestion

The common cold is one of the illnesses that go unattended. Although it’s not expensive and complex to treat it, it needs to attention. If you’re congested, breathing and doing things could be a challenge. Even the simple act of lying down can cause distress and discomfort. Yes you have the typical anti-flu. allergies, and the pills for the common cold but wouldn’t it be better if you treat your stuffy nose?

We first need to understand what’s happening when we’re experiencing congestion. The feeling that your nose is completely filled up with mucus is congestion. More often, a headache would associate your sinus infection if it’s hitting the right tracks. According to Scott P. Stringer, M.D., “When the nose is stimulated by any irritant, the nervous system is also stimulated, causing valves to open, which results in more blood entering the nose. This causes swelling in your nasal passages, which makes it difficult to breathe.”

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So how do you relieve a stuffy nose in the most natural ways?

To alleviate your condition, the fastest and best way is to purchase over-the-counter OTC decongestants. However, going natural is actually better since you won’t have to buy and to indulge yourself in medication that has certain side effects.

Water, water, water

Works like a miracle; drinking plenty of water usually does the trick. Water, being the only liquid God made, can work you out in less than what you’re expecting. Drinking plenty of water in this context eases the stiffness of the nasal pressure causing it to flow. It flowing leaves you a clear and decongested nasal openings and paths.

A hot shower

Ohhh nothing better than having a warm shower, right? After an extensive day of your normal daily routine, relaxing and ending the day with a hot shower is the way to do it. Not only does it fully relax you, the steam from the hot shower thins the mucus stuck in your nasal cavities. This reduces inflammation which can help you relieve the unnerving feeling.

Although you should not expect it to be fully gone after doing it, at least it can provide relief for the next hour to the next day. More like a complementary fix to your dilemma.

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Hot soups and teas

Drinking hot steaming soups and teas has been a long-time myth for congestion relief. Moreover, it can be aligned with the placebo effect. One research gathered up a group of people with the common cold and the flu and split them into half. One half was given a hot drink while the other a room-temperature warm drink. Surprisingly, the group who had the hot drink had relief symptoms faster and better than those who got the room-temperature drink.

This became a conclusion that consuming hot liquids can somehow ease the congestion. Many cultures have used this method in relieving the common flu and should still be in use today.

Hot and cold compress

We’re used to seeing treating injuries with warm and cold compress, right? But have you ever heard of it being a useful treatment for sinus problems and having a stuffy nose? Although it can temporarily alleviate sinuses, it does nothing better in the long run. “There’s no evidence that hot or cold packs reduce nasal inflammation, but if it makes you feel better, then there’s no problem with them,” says Stringer.

However if you’re really feeling uncomfortable and irritated, do this to somehow clear up the pathways and to relax the muscles in your nasal cavities. This can somehow be a complement to the treatment you’re currently having.

Vitamins and herbs

Now this is for prevention purposes. The common cold usually hits people who have weaker immune systems due to lack of sleep, dietary problems, and aging. So, the best way to cure something is to stop it from happening first, right?

A lot of researchers directly say that popping up extra dozes of vitamin C to your diet can help you not get the infection in the first place; in turn, not have a stuffy nose. Get it from fruits, vegetables, or even supplements. Although approaching it naturally is better, if you have no choice, just pop a pill everyday.

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Garlic is not just for vampires

Like water, this magical piece of condiment can help you go a long way. Before you saute those few cloves, consider using it for yourself first. Garlic has properties that are both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Research has given people this prescription to half of the people of the project during the cold season. Interestingly, people who had the supplement for 12 weeks caught fewer colds than those who didn’t.

But let’s admit it, not everyone is a fan. If you can’t handle the aroma or the strong taste, you can use it to be an dominant ingredient of your meal. Furthermore, you can inhale its steam for lesser actions. Cut up a few cloves and put it in boiling water. Make sure that the water absorbs the garlic so that the steam can pick up whatever it has to pick.

Add a few extra spices to your diet

Are you not a fan of spicy food or food that are a bit hot to handle? Well if you are having problems with your congestion, you better now. Capsaicin, the active property found in spicy food, has some reports to be effective in terms of soothing facial pain syndromes. This study led the effectiveness of consuming spicy food to the relief of the nasal cavities.

Facial massages

It might not look like it but having facial massages can help relieve sinus problems. Why? Facial massages can help improve and clear the pathways and circulation of your sinuses. By doing this, it can help alleviate the stress that you’re currently experiencing in your sinuses. Moreover, it can help you relax an of course improve the condition. Although this cannot fully resolve the concern, it can be a complement or it can ease the nasal cavities.

Inhale steam

Steam can open up your sinuses and facilitate the damage done. Moreover, it can help clear up the congestion that makes you feel uncomfortable. In addition to steam, you can purchase a humidifier to help you with your sinuses. Moreover, you can add menthol to the steam to add a hint of coldness and to help muscles relax more. Water can really do the trick, eh?

Having a stuffy nose can be a bit of a problem. Not only does it make you uncomfortable, it can also promote headache because of the congestion in your sinuses. Having a stuffed nose should not just be thought simple because this can only be one symptom that can lead to more serious problems. If you have it and home remedies aren’t enough, go and visit your doctor because it can be a health-alarming concern.

Image credits: Pexels, Pixabay

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