15 Food To Eat to Protect Yourself From Heart Attacks

A lot of people are tied up to a misfortune of having history with cardiovascular diseases.  In the U.S, about 600, 000 people die of heart attacks every year.  Being a victim of these diseases is not really far from what most people do.  Physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, and stress raise the chance of giving heart attacks.

So what do you need to do to prevent this?  First thing you need to understand is how it works.  In general, heart diseases are manifested if the arteries of the heart are blocked.  Therefore, you need to cleanse those arteries for you to lower the risk of having a cardiovascular disease.

Since we mentioned that an unhealthy diet is one of the culprits of heart diseases, here are 15 food you can consume that would help cleanse and revitalize your arteries.

Olive Oil

Italians and Greeks have used olive oil for centuries now.  They have been using this in place of normal cooking oil with the knowledge that it promotes health.  It is rich in healthy fat that lowers cholesterol levels.  In addition to that, it reduces the risk of heart attacks by a staggering 41%.



Nuts have tons of benefit to us and fortunately, lowering heart diseases is one if it.  These tiny magic contains omega-3 fats which treat joint pain, boost memory, and regulate cholesterol.  Nuts and almonds are packed with essential nutrients so let it be a part of your daily diet.


If you think you are low in potassium, eat cranberries!  Cranberries carry a lot of potassium which in turn provides good cholesterol levels.  Moreover, they lessen levels of bad cholesterol.  A study concluded that drinking 3 glasses of cranberry juice a day lowers the risk of heart diseases by 40%.

Green Tea

Although there are many variations seen of green tea (shakes, ice cream, frappes), its natural state is still the best.  Particularly, green tea contains antioxidants that revitalizes our bodies overall and regulate cholesterol.  In addition to that, green tea is filled with catechins that gives us energy.


Admittedly, consuming too much cheese is not healthy as it contains cholesterol.  But there have been studies that proved moderate consumption of some few types of cheese aid in the regulation of cholesterol and blood pressure.  Be sure not to take cheese off of your diet completely!


Generally speaking, we all know how healthy broccoli is.  Since it has good amounts of omega-3, it’s clearly good for the heart.  Furthermore, broccoli is abundant in vitamin K; and what does it do?  It just regulates blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and prevents accumulation of fat and calcium in our arteries.


Ever wondered why Popeye ate a lot of Spinach?  And when he does, his muscles pop out and scares off bullies?  Well specifically, Spinach contains ample amounts of potassium and folic acid. Potassium for regulating cholesterol and moderating blood pressure; and; folic acid in supporting muscle tissues and reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases by cleansing arteries.


Avocados are widely known as magical fruits.  Why?  Because they carry tons of nutrients including: 4% vitamin C, 10% folate, 11% fiber, 2% iron, and a lot more.  Having this said, eating avocados daily can desperately lower your heart risks by 30% and raise HDL cholesterol in your body.


In its own plain state, turmeric is considered to be one of the more effective natural medicine.  Curcumin, the active compound of turmeric, is responsible for its anti-inflammatory capabilities and lower the accumulation of fat in our hearts.  You can boil it and consume it as tea or add it to your meals.


Packed with omega-3, salmon effectively reduce blood pressure.  Two servings of salmon per week can make you avoid heart attack by a third.  Moreover, salmon is also abundant in fatty acids which prevent cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation.


Want to wake up without the fear of having a heart attack?  Start your day with oatmeal!  Oatmeals are full of potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, and folate.  They lower LDL cholesterol and maintain your arteries clean and in good shape.


Asparagus’s main role is to prevent blockage and clotting in our veins.  In addition, asparagus contains fiber, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.  There are also studies that say that like broccolis, they can also halt the production of c****r cells.


Watermelon is composed of 92% water and is flooded with nutrients. They contain abundant amounts of antioxidants, lycopene, and amino acids.  Moreover, a bite of it supplies our body with essential levels of vitamin C, A, and B6.  But the most important part is that they contain nitric oxide which widens blood vessels and make it easier for blood and oxygen to flow through our hearts.

Whole Grain

Soaked with fiber, whole grain flour balances our cholesterol levels in our body.  On the other hand, it also prevents the buildup of fats in our arteries as it breaks down cholesterol.


Like watermelons, pomegranates contain nitric oxide that is essential for blood circulation.  They are also packed with vitamin C and essential nutrients that aid in healthy flow.

Heart diseases are becoming more and more frequent.  It is just right that we know how to prevent and to prepare for it.  See this list for a wider vision and knowledge and never worry about cardiovascular diseases anymore.

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