A Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Will Give You These Signs

Obesity is one of the leading worries of people around the globe and overtime, it’s getting worse.  In 2014, a little over 1.9 billion adults 18 years and older were overweight; 39% of the population were overweight.  Furthermore, 13% were obese.  The American Heart and Stroke Association said that strokes and heart diseases are the top leading cause of deaths around the globe.  And what’s the cause of these? – Heart attacks.

Furthermore, what causes these heart attacks?  To illustrate, these situations are more likely caused by blockage/s of a coronary artery and/or insufficient blood supply.  Each year, over 700, 000 people suffer from this disease and over 100, 000 of them do not recover.  Though a high frequency of coronary heart diseases occur each year, studies and reports were able to trace a few symptoms that a person will most likely experience before this event.

In this article, we are going to list 8 evident symptoms that would more likely occur a month before a heart attack.  This is to let people be wary of their health before something unfortunate can happen.  Moreover, it can help an individual’s survival of a heart attack if it is properly attended.

Since one crucial sign is lack of blood, dizziness should be attended to immediately

Although there are a lot of factors which can cause dizziness, experiencing this often and in random situations shouldn’t be overlooked.  For instance, when you experience this in cases where it halts you from doing what you do everyday, you should immediately consult your healthcare professional. Dizziness should occur in reasonable situations, not in random.

A month prior a heart attack, out-of-timing physical weakness is one evident symptom

If you’re not exerting all of your efforts and you feel overtired, then it’s not normal.  Some people mistake this for being just fatigues – but it’s not.  Because of the narrowing of the arteries which is caused by the lack of blood flow and circulation, your muscles will grow weaker which results to you feeling weak.  This is a red flag in anticipating a heart attack which is starting to grow.

Succeeding dizziness, cold sweat is one relevant warning as well

With dizziness, experiencing cold sweats is a following warning that your body might be in trouble.  Insufficient blood flow can cause you to be dizzy and in addition, your body will feel cold and stressed.  Everyday, try and observe your body’s behavior or reaction to itself.  If all of a sudden you’ll feel cold without any reason, and if it occurs multiple times in a day, then it might be best to visit your doctor.

Symptoms of cold or flu should never be overlooked

Some people have this misconception that a normal flu or colds is not a big issue.  But, it’s actually one of the more crucial signs of a coronary problem.  Most heart attack victims reported that flu and/or colds symptoms are on their side a month before the illness occurred.  This is one reason why these “common” illnesses should never be disregarded.

Together with overall physical weakness, constant fatigue and feeling of being tired is also one indicator

Again with the lack of blood and oxygen supply, your body may experience discomfort.  In these situations, you might feel that you are overexerting efforts which in reality is you’re really not.  What’s really happening is that you are not supplying enough blood and oxygen throughout your body – visit your doctor if you are experiencing this because this can be more than just being tired.

In addition to the above, shortness of breath even without being fully worked is an essential sign

Shortness of breath

Even though shortness of breath can be caused by a lot of factors, experiencing it randomly even if you’re not tired is a serious case.  Since muscles are experiencing difficulty to function (due to the lack of oxygen flow), your lungs share the same experience.  Every time that your heart feels stressed, your lungs, naturally will also be affected.  One of its typical signs is difficulty in breathing. So from here, it can be concluded that breathing problems are not entirely involving the lungs itself – it can be a much more serious issue than that.

Chest pains/muscle pains

Yes, these would be normal if you are tiring your body out e.g working out, walking, if you’re doing sports, etc. but not if you’re just resting most of the time throughout the day.  If you experience chest pain or any muscles in your body such as arms, back, shoulders, and/or neck, seek medical attention as soon as possible as this one of the key symptoms of an alarming heart attack.

Just to be clear, we are not saying that these signs are a sure and crystal clear indicators of a heart attack.  But these signs are crucial signs in which heart attack victims reported that they’ve experienced.  It is also essential since these signs are not normal if you would pay close attention to it; i’s just going to be normal in certain instances.  But remember, in order to be sure, consult your doctor if you experience these.  Why? In order for you to attend to it properly and fast if in case it is a life-threatening illness.

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