The Deadliest Diseases Known to Mankind

If you think that cancer is the deadliest disease there is, think again. 

Viruses and diseases are part of living. In fact, millions of people get ill every single day. Most people experience colds or the common flu every now and then but little do they know that these can accumulate and escalate to deadlier diseases. We have gathered the deadliest diseases we have ever stumbled upon and we’ll elaborate on what those are and why they’re deadly.

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If you’re thinking that the deadliest diseases are those that you can pick up any time, you’re partially correct. These sicknesses strike at the extremities and will actually k**l you if they don’t get the attention they need.



Many people think that a stroke is something that is a common notion. However, they fail to consider that a stroke can actually be caused by many different things. Hundreds and thousands of people experience a stroke every year and according to MedicalNewsToday, in a year alone, more than 700, 000; in calculations, it’s striking one person in every forty (40) seconds.

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What is a stroke and why does it k**l a lot of people?

A stroke is a phenomenon where your brain does not get enough oxygenated blood due to blood clots and congestions. This is, in fact, the number one killer in the United States. Kiah Conolly, MD, says that the fact that it strikes the brain, which is a vital organ, it will uneventfully lead to d***h. Although people do not actually die from a stroke; they do because of the underlying conditions that are linked to it such as heart diseases or hypertension. Other than that, experiencing a stroke can be b****l to our mobility which can prohibit our ability to support ourselves in our everyday lives.

Lower Respiratory Infections


Also known as pneumonia, lower respiratory infections is a condition that targets the respiratory tract of a person. This means that their lungs are in danger of either being damaged or completely infected. This is caused by a lot of different bacteria and microorganisms that hastily eat away lives.

What is this and why is it part of the deadliest diseases?

Dubbed as the “old man’s friend,” pneumonia or lower respiratory infection weakens the overall respiratory tract. That means that patients who have this disease will either have a hard time breathing or will have difficulty in living normally. Amesh Adalja, an MD and a certified infectious-disease physician says that the elderly are more likely to have this due to the fact that their respiratory tracts are not that intact.

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As we all know, Diabetes is one of the few deadliest diseases that is extremely difficult to overcome. Why? Because it’s connected to sweets! In a formal term, Diabetes is the chronic condition wherein a person has abnormal amounts of sugar level in his or her blood. Insufficient amounts of insulin production is what’s causing Diabetes to be existent.

Why is Diabetes part of the deadliest diseases?

Of course, we all know how Diabetes b***s up its patients. In 2012 alone, there were 2.2 million deaths that were linked to Diabetes all over the planet. In 2015, although it’s lower, it’s still a staggering 1.6 million deaths which is pretty alarming. Diabetes is the main contributor to limb amputation, stroke, heart diseases, and internal infections. According to Dr. Conolly, when a person is Diabetic, the body gets so overwhelmed and it releases abnormal amounts of blood acid. When this happens, it can cause brain swelling and lead to d***h on its own.

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Although this is normal only for people with Type 1 Diabetes (which is rare), it can also be possible with Type 2 Diabetes patients in extreme and rare occasions.

Coronary Heart Diseases

Image: HealthWatch.Today

Also known as Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) or Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD), is actually the leading cause of d***h worldwide. Therefore, we can conclude that this is the deadliest among the deadliest diseases because this was responsible for 15.6 million deaths last 2016; if we’re not alarmed, then that figure can go up any time soon.

CHD is the plaque build up inside the arteries which make proper and smooth blood flow to the heart fail. This prohibits oxygen-rich blood to not reach the heart, making us deprived of oxygenated blood which our system direly needs.

Why is CHD a deadly disease?

Other than the fact that its target is the heart, this can also be an underlying condition of many other conditions such as a stroke, cardiac arrests, and many more. Cardiovascular diseases are among the deadliest diseases there are so we really need to take precautionary measures with our health. In the United States alone, it k***s around 385, 000 people per year and this is just because of coronary artery diseases and nothing more. Imagine, hitting the whole world, what would we look like?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


Among the deadliest diseases would be COPD. This is actually an umbrella term for many different diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and other diseases that greatly disable and damage our lungs. According to patients, experiencing an episode of COPD makes it almost impossible to breathe, making them pressured on breathing itself which causes d***h.

Why is COPD a deadly disease?

Every year, lung diseases k**l around 4 million people worldwide. This is why it’s ranked as the 3rd deadliest disease known to mankind. A lot of people don’t actually experience this until it hits them – until it hits them hard. Common people who are subject to COPD would be people who are heavy smokers and people who disregard their lung health. COPD’s main symptoms would be wheezing, shortness of breath at random times, and difficulty in breathing.

How can we avoid acquiring any of these deadliest diseases?

This question is thrown at many physicians all over the world. People beg for answers in order for their lives to be spared by these notorious killers. Firstly, living a healthy lifestyle would be among the top categories on how people can avoid getting any of these. A regular visit to your physician to check your overall status is a MUST.

Some of these diseases are hiding; you won’t notice them until you reach the point where your body is no longer tolerating the conditions it’s experiencing. This is why it is imperative to have a regular check-up to have a scope on what your status is.

  • By doing regular and vigorous exercise, you are enabling your body to be stronger; to be able to resist pain and to strengthen your immune system.
  • Resting is also a big factor of health. So, whenever you feel tired, do not hesitate to rest.
  • Eating good and healthy food is also among the best tips on how you can be free from these sicknesses.
  • Avoid smoking, lavish drinking as it can not only bring you a headache and a hole in your pocket, but it can dish you these deadly diseases as well.



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