Science-Backed Tips to See Who’s Attracted to You

Do you have a friend or an acquaintance in your life that you think are attracted to you? Could they be sending you signals of attraction or wanting to move to the next level? Is your curiosity too much to handle? If that’s the case, keep that person in mind while reading this article.

This article will help you have the assurance of a mutual feeling rather than guessing what the other side feels. Let’s admit it we all are guilty of wondering if the person we like likes us back; that’s just how we humans are naturally wired. We want things we like to like us back or we like things to be in our favors.

In addition to the knowledge you’ll be having, this article will also help avoid heartbreaks as it will provide us knowledge of who to pursue and who we should not. Some guys lie to girls to get them in bed, saying things girls only want to hear. Of course, we want to know if someone is sincere or not. We wouldn’t want to invest in a loose-end relationship and putting all our efforts to waste.

A few revelations of indicators of attraction were released by a profound research. Pulling off flower petals and saying “loves me” and “loves me not” is no longer needed.

We should be grateful to a study done recently, that explains attraction on a whole new level and using a more scientific approach in determining whom among your peers is attracted to you.

The Psychological Bulletin journal officially released a new research being held which is called as “most comprehensive analysis ever” on the aspect of determining attraction.

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According to IFLScience feature, we found out that researchers made the effort and gave some time to study “over 50 different empirical studies focused an attraction and non-verbal behaviors” while also considering “variations between different cultures around the word”.

The researcher leading the study and University of Dayton associate professor R Matthew Montoya said:

There is a specific suite of behaviors associated with liking, and this same set of behaviors can be found in cultures from around the world.”

More pieces of information regarding attraction were given by the study telling us that “making eye contact, smiling, initiating conversation, laughing and maintaining physical proximity were related to liking across cultures.”


Furthermore, “mimicking behaviors and head nodding” were the usual indicators in the Western cultures. This type of behavior can also be called mirroring when someone is unconsciously copying your verbal or nonverbal behavior.

The outcome of the study also goes beyond dating. Montoya stated:

Whether we engage in these behaviors has little or nothing to do with romantic desires. These behaviors apply when doctors interact with their patients, parents interact with their kids, or when salespeople talk to their customers.”

To add, the behaviors seen does not only tackle attraction but also for developing trust with others. Montoya also added:

When we like someone, we act in ways to get them to trust us. From this perspective, we engage in these behaviors to increase the degree of overlap, interdependence, and commitment to an agreement”.

Alongside Montoya, the study also involved Christine Kershaw, a doctoral candidate at the University of Alberta, and Julie L. Prosser, another doctoral candidate at Colorado State University.

Most of these are theories by many people but with the study being held, it proves that these behaviors are more than just theories. Although, it is not always the case. We should still be careful when interpreting these behaviors as we could still be mistaken. On the other hand, we can make use of these behaviors to predict what others feel without confronting them initially.

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With all the information presented we can now stop guessing and interpret the signs correctly. More often than not, we misinterpret the signs displayed in front of us and we are usually put in an awkward position. Say no more to getting rejected and being in an inappropriate situation and putting friendships at stake.

Are you now enlightened of who could be attracted to you? Did the person you took note of match these behaviors? If his or her behaviors match the outcome of the study mentioned, you can now begin to subtly express what you feel and move on to a deeper level of relationship.

Take this article as a guide to read signals from the people around you but never take advantage of them. Share this knowledge and make your friends’ lives less complicated. Who knows? Maybe when you pass this on to your friends, they’ll be thinking about you the whole time.

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