Easy Natural Remedies to Fight Bad Breath

Have you ever talked to someone up close and you smell something unpleasant after a few seconds into the conversation? What if the unpleasant smell was coming from you? At times, you would realize your mouth is starting to smell because of the bad taste. However, sometimes someone else would bring it up. Sadly, you can’t always go brush your teeth after eating to prevent having bad breath from the bacteria in your mouth.

There are instances wherein you have no choice but go through the rest of the day without brushing your teeth. Whenever situations like that arise, here are some easy remedies that will help your breath smell fresh for the rest of the day.

Most of the remedies in the list below are also good antioxidants. Not only do they prevent bad breath, they also have many good benefits to your health.

These remedies are very easy to purchase as they can be found almost everywhere. They are also very cheap.


It is not a replacement for brushing twice a day and daily flossing. Its main function is to freshen your breath by rinsing your mouth with the mouthwash daily to prevent bacteria from spreading. Before rinsing, make sure you check that it is a*****l-free, as reminded by Everyday Health. Also, always read the label of every mouthwash as every brand have different concentrations, some may require you to mix with water and some may not. Remember to keep watch of the clock and time your swishing. Most mouthwashes put 30 seconds on their instructions. If you want even better results, you mix some peppermint oil with the mouthwash for a minty fresh breath. Read: Dandruff Problems? Enough Of Those Anti-Dandruff Shampoos And Go Natural  Most commonly known for its decorative appearance, but Best Health states that you should save that decoration for last as it brings freshness in your mouth. Basically, chew the garnish last. It has been as a mouth freshener since ancient times.

Saline Rinse

The bacteria inside your mouth causes bad breath. With the use of saline rinse, according to Dr. Lin, the bacteria will be eradicated. Simply make your own by mixing a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water. A strong spice that is known for its medicinal uses across the globe for thousands of years. It has anti-microbial properties which also adds to the good smell. Dr. Lin’s advice is chewing some of it when you have no toothbrush at the moment. Like a mouthwash, it naturally combats bacteria which helps prevent bad breath, tooth decay, cavities, and even mouth infections.


Along with the list of natural remedies is fennel. Colgate recommends chewing a few sprigs of fennel after meals to help your breath smelling fresher in no time. It is a common practice, particularly in the Indian Subcontinent, to chew a few fennel seeds after meals to eliminate bad breath.

Drink plenty of water 

Bacteria spread quicker in a dry mouth. WebMD reminds you to maintain a mouth that is hydrated. You can either drink lots of water or rinse water inside your mouth to help you get through the day with a good smelling breath. Read: Why Drinking Warm Water In The Morning Should Be Everyone’s Thing

Chewing gum

Many people carry with them chewing gum most of the time. WebMD claims that chewing sugar-free gum stimulates the production of saliva that can help keep bacteria from spreading with freedom.


Due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-k*****g properties, it is a great remedy for gum discomfort and not just that, it is also a good treatment for oral diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis which can also cause bad breath. It is very effective against bacteria. Clove can greatly help you prevent an awful breath.

Orange peel

A lot of restaurants served food with an orange on the side. If parsley is not present on your dish, consume the orange. Orange has citric acid that k***s the bacteria that causes breath that stinks. Many of these remedies are very convenient to bring – clearly, portability is not a problem. So why not try bringing some of the remedies on the list and remove the risk of a bad breath that brings you shame? Not only that they are very easy to bring for you to always be prepared to prevent and treat your bad breath, they also impose a lot of health benefits and inclusions which can is universal. Good antioxidants, better for your oral and overall health, you name it! Do you know someone who is experiencing these problems? Or are you in a dilemma about this as well? What are you waiting for? Try these now and completely erase bad breath from your life.

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