An Effective Hangover Pill – Effective on Drunk Mice

Have you ever been hungover? To be totally honest, having a hangover isn’t exactly definable. It’s just being defined as severe headache and unfortunately, there isn’t a pill you can take. Other hangover arises with dehydration and is sometimes dangerous. Ever since, there hasn’t been an exact cure for a hangover – like a hangover pill. However, that changed when William Faulkner, a writer and drinker, tried finding solutions on how to get rid of hangovers and how to eliminate its symtpoms.

Faulkner, a chemical engineering professor, said,

Civilization begins with distillation. Although our thirst for a*****l dates back to the Stone Age, nobody has figured out a good way to deal with the ensuing hangover after getting d***k.”

To give you a brief introduction on who he is, Faulkner is actually a wine expert. Since this is the case, he thought he wanted to find a resolution to a hangover. Yes, like a hangover pill since he finds these things very seriously. As per reports, around eight to ten percent of ER visits in the U.S. are due to grave a*****l poisoning.

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In addition, this is the reason of sudden deaths and disabilities of people ages 15-49. There are people who misuse it; they lead to weighty health problems. To name some of the distinct ones, it includes liver damages and cardiovascular diseases. Known treatments to resolve a*****l problems rely on the body’s own enzymes to break it down.

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So, Faulkner made the decision to design a magical remedy, an antidote that will help people not have a hangover and enjoy alcoholic drinks.

Moreover, he also wanted to create an effective therapy to address intoxication and a*****l overdose victims in the ER. He opted to produce capsules to help the body process the a*****l faster filled with natural enzymes usually found in liver – a hangover pill.

Cheng Ji, a liver expert from Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California worked with Faulkner together with his graduate student Duo Xu. The three of them tried developing an antidote, sort of a hangover pill.

They chose three natural enzymes that convert a*****l into harmless molecules and then we excrete them. It maybe that simple but according to these experts these enzymes were not new; they’ve long been studied well. The complicated part was to solve a protected and effective way to distribute these enzymes to the liver cells.

Each enzyme was wrapped in a shell for protection. This is with the use of material the U.S. Food and D**g Administration had already approved for pills. So this is how it went;

  1. The pill was tested on laboratory mice;
  2. They injected these nanocapsules into the veins of d***k mice – the content ran through the circulatory system, eventually arriving in the liver where they entered the cells and served as mini–reactors to digest a*****l.
  3. It was confirmed that a d***k mice fall asleep much faster than d***k humans; the treatment decreased the blood a*****l level by 45 percent in just four hours compared to mice which didn’t receive any.

You know what’s causing the annoying effects of a hangover? Vomiting, nausea, severe headaches, and dizziness? It’s acetaldehyde, a highly toxic compound that is carcinogenic. This is also the reason why people blush after drinking. During the normal a*****l metabolism is when our bodies produce this compound which remains extremely low. The mice that were given the d**g woke from their a*****l-induced slumber faster than their untreated counterparts.

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With this hangover pill, the d***k can wake up early because of its ability to efficiently simplify a*****l quickly and overall prevent a*****l poisoning. It should also protect their livers from a*****l–associated stress and damage.

Right now, Faulkner’s group are completing tests to ensure that utilizing nanocapsules are safe. That they don’t trigger dangerous and life-threatening side effects. If the treatments were proven effective in lving organisms like animals, we can be sure that they’ll start testing this in humans as well.

This kind of antitoxin won’t prevent individuals from being too much in consuming liquor, yet it could enable them to recoup faster than usual. Meanwhile, we anticipate drinking dependably, and we trust that you can drink and be responsible with it. Hopefully, this project becomes a success. It’ll not only help a lot of people, it’ll be so used that people won’t have to worry about being late after a night out anymore.

Do you think that this will be the next breakthrough of Science? Would this satisfy all the needs we have right now? Hopefully, this will be stepping-stones for more researches on how the human body works; how the human body processes and breaks different cells down.

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