Drinking When You’re Stressed? What Does it do to Your Brain?

Drinking when you’re stressed won’t actually do you good

Stress is something inevitable. Even the happiest people get stressed sometimes and it’s just a natural occurrence. There are certain situations where we might feel stressed; there would be times when we’d feel happy, sad, angry, afraid, even excitement – it can make us feel stressed. In addition to that, temperature, illnesses, and even injury can cause stress to us and our bodies. There are different kinds of stress and we have our own ways to cope with it. But generally, would drinking when you’re stressed be a probable solution? That’s one of the questions that get thrown around the most and people have their opinions about it.

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Most people resort to a*****l when they’re feeling stressed. And as a matter of fact, more than half of adults consider being indulged in a*****l when they’re stressed. However, researchers found that drinking when you’re stressed itself can actually cause physiological stress. Furthermore, this stress can actually heighten the stress that the body is already experiencing.

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Are there types of stress?

As per researchers, there are main categories for the cause of stress for people:

  • Childhood stress
  • General life stress
  • Ethnic minority stress
  • Catastrophic events stress

Yes, these stressors are real and these are the actual triggers that might cause you to drink and drink more. Cortisol is a hormone that helps and plays a huge role in a person’s body. What it does is it increases the energy by heightening the glucose levels and nutrient supplies by moderating the protein and fat metabolism.

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What is the body’s response to stress?

A healthy body’s natural response when it’s stressed would include a quick skyrocket in the cortisol levels. Moreover, it’s followed by a sudden decrease when the stress is over. So, the cortisol levels in our bodies are increased when we drink and that is the Scientific explanation on why people like to drink when they’re stressed.

For us, it’s just because we get d***k; it’s only because we somehow try to forget the reason why we’re stressed when in reality, there’s really nothing happening.

Resilience is our ability to be able to cope with stress. So, a person who’s resilient is a person who is able to physiological and psychologically able to adapt involved in our body’s response to stress.

What does a*****l do to our bodies?

It shifts the hormonal balance and changes the way how our bodies see and respond to stress. What a*****l does is that it prohibits the body from returning to the initial balance from when we are stressed. This puts our bodies to a new standpoint; meaning that it places us on a more serious disease which includes alcoholism.

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Researchers and authors have found that the way cortisol interacts with the brain’s satisfaction systems can contribute to its reinforcing effects. This effect actually makes you want to drink more and more without having second thoughts. So, if you are at the thought of drinking when you’re stressed, you might want to think twice about it.

But why do people drink when they’re stressed?

Most people have the thinking that when they are intoxified, they will be able to forget all of their problems – all of their stress. Although that is partly true, because they’ll be experiencing relaxations and positive feelings short-term, there’s a chance that their a*****l consumption takes a toll on their long-term health and condition. Which then will lead to psychological and medical problems, deeper and more serious than the stress they’re currently experiencing.

So, that’s the reason why people drink more whenever they are stressed. There, you both have the Scientific and the subjective reason on why you resort to drinking when you’re stressed.

By now, you should know that it rally doesn’t help. As a matter of fact, it can continue to have effects even after the drinking stops. Moreover, drinking again after being sober is to relieve symptoms of withdrawal. Since the cortisol levels of the body is higher than the usual, it needs to maintain the balance for our bodies to be able to cope with the requirements to maintain a healthy overall.

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Are you one of those people who resort to drink when you’re stressed? Do you think that it can really relieve the problems you are currently having? Although it really does make you feel better temporarily, it can actually impose worse, more dangerous long-term effects both on your physical and psychological health.

What do you think?

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