15 Weird Signs to Determine Whether it’s a Boy or a Girl!

Pregnancy is one of the more exciting events that women consider because who doesn’t get happy when a baby appears?  But what’s more exciting is the part where you try to guess and bet with your other half if the baby is a boy or a girl.  Most couples, if not all go to doctors to have themselves checked and to determine what the gender of the baby is but did you know that there are ways to tell if you’ll have a Jim or a Jill?  Here are fifteen weird signs to notice early if you’re having a baby boy or girl.


Changes in the skin

It is an old tall tale that says if you’re carrying a girl, it will bring out the oil in the skin and if it’s a boy, it’ll make the skin drier.


In relation to the sign above, if you’re having a daughter, then you are more prone to breakouts but if you are to have a son, your acne pattern won’t change.

Linea Nigra

The Linea Nigra is the dark line on the belly that women get when they are pregnant.  According to some, if it goes up to the your ribs, there is a big chance that this might be a boy but if it stops only at the belly button, you must be carrying a girl.

Hair Texture

Women who notice their hair getting thick and glossy can be a positive boy while women who experience their hair change to something dull and limp, can be a girl.

Facial Appearance

Ever heard a pregnant woman say that they feel they’re becoming “uglier”?  Well this can be because the baby daughter inside their tummy is stealing their charm!

Placement of Weight

Almost all pregnant women feel they gain weight – well of course.  Some say they feel the gain just on their bellies while some feel it all throughout their bodies.  Women who feel the weight just in their bellies are carrying a boy but if they feel the latter, it’s a girl.

Foot growth

In the early stages of pregnancy, women might notice that their foot gets bigger.  It is known that a daughter inside the tummy won’t affect the growth of their feet but if they notice it getting bigger, then it’s a boy.


If a woman gets moody most of the time during their pregnancy, then this could mean that a girl has grown inside their tummy while a more relaxed and smooth mood can be an effect of having a boy.

Where the baby is

Women tend to carry boys lower during the pregnancy.  The girls’ position inside the tummy is a bit high.


Some women dreamt of having a boy and they actually had one.


Cravings is a natural part of pregnancy – hell it’s a natural part of a woman’s life.  If you are craving for sweets, you’re carrying a girl but if you’re yearning for salty food, it’s a boy.


Bad headaches throughout your pregnancy can mean you are having a boy while mild to no headaches can be a sign of a girl.  Well from the beginning, boys really do give you headaches.

Position of sleeping

If you fall asleep naturally on your left side, this can mean that you’re having a boy; vice versa if it’s a girl.

Morning sickness

It is normal for a pregnant woman to feel morning sickness but if it keeps on going on for a long time, then it’s a boy; otherwise, it’s a girl.

How to determine Gender


Thinking of what baby you are going to have?  Well try and notice these things and check what signs you are experiencing.  It is again best to consult a doctor to check but who knew that you can already know what gender your baby is just at home?

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