Accountancy is among the highest paid fields in 2017

A sea of young adults struggle when it comes to choosing what career path they should take.  This is a known fact and even I am not able to fully explain why this is so.  But according to a research done by the Capita Salary Guide and Kelly Services, the field of accountancy is among the highest paid jobs this year and will continue on and double in the years to come.

Basing it from a report last Thursday, May, 4, 2017, this certain profession is expected to have rapid growth, foreseeing a guaranteed 15% of accountancy professionals to a little over 21, 000 in year 2020.  

Kind of interesting in a way, right?  Well according to the study, this is due to the establishment and foundation of the ASEAN Economic Community last year.  The sudden demand on increase in this field is said to also have an impact to middle level roles so that they would have this type of entry.

So how much can you expect in this field is the question bobbling in your mind because hey, you work to earn money.  Lining the research done again by Kelly Service and the Capita Salary Guide, for Senior Accountants they can command a salary starting from $5000 and can rise up to $7500.  For Finance Controllers in the same field, it can start from $8000 to $16, 000.

So is it just the field of accountancy we’re talking about? – not really.  Aside from accounting, part of the highest paying jobs this year include ITHealthcare and Life Sciences, Legal Sector, and Banking and Finance.

Banking and Finance professionals can hear good news as well as they are expecting at least a 3% growth and increase in salary despite the not-so-stable economic weight.  Seniors, Associates, and Controllers can oversee their salaries from $4, 400 to $6, 000 while the Vice Presidents in the risk sector can command from $10, 000 to $17, 000.  

Professionals working in the legal sector gets the highest pay of all, according to the study.  A counsel (general) and a legal counsel can expect to be paid from $15, 000 to $20, 000 and $10, 000 to $16, 000 – that’s not too bad now, isn’t it?

More than 8 in 10 workers, that’s somewhere around 83%, surveyed by Kelly Services indicated a desire to have a more advanced and wider skill set.

The annual guide, which compiles salary figures across 12 major sectors in Singapore’s job market, also showed that Singapore’s workers are trying to find ways on how they can be as resilient as possible despite the ever-changing labor market.

“Singapore has a highly skilled workforce where its workers are well aware of their market power. If they are dissatisfied with an organization, they will actively look to find something better. This is especially so for high performers and those with high demand skills such as data analytics or risk management,” said by Mr. Foo See Yang, Managing Director and Country Head for Kelly Services.

If you’re really looking for a job that would both be beneficial for you in terms of salary and career path contentment, then you better understand and consider this in your thinking.  Looking for something that lucrative and that you would enjoy is hard to find but this one is already here so why not give it a shot?

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