7 Simple Hacks To Help You Fall Asleep Backed By Science

In today’s time, falling asleep became more difficult especially with all the innovation and technology we have come across.  In line with this, we tend to treat technology as our sleeping aid but we fail to understand that it causes us to be more awake.  All of us deserve a good-quality sleep but a lot, if not most of us have hard times doing so – we tend to turn and roll and unthink things to help us doze off.

Sleeping is not as difficult as it seems even if you do not feel sleepy.  By doing these, you’ll be able to shut your eyes in the most comfortable manner faster than you think about yourself dreaming.

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Turn Off Electronics

Turn Off Electronics

This probably is the biggest and most effective sleep hack you can ever perform.  Numerous studies found that blue light our devices emit disrupts our brain’s capacity to relax and to breathe out which makes us awake even more.  Try turning off your cellphones, laptops, televisions, etc. to help you fall asleep faster.

Eat Healthier

Eat Healthy Foods

This may sound a bit redundant and untrue but this actually is one of the more effective habits you can have for you to fall asleep faster and better.  Research has found that increasing your intake of fruits can increase the rate of your sleeping time and the quality of it too.  Go for fruits which have high levels of Potassium, Magnesium, and other minerals our bodies crave for to ensure a relaxing night.

Read A Book

Read A book
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One of the most renowned and most effective “classical” techniques that our elderly told us is to count sheep, correct?  Well, the thought of counting sheep is to soothe and somehow tire your eyes together with your brain to achieve the state of sleepiness.  That is why reading a book can generate the same effect as to counting sheep.  Another thing that reading can do is for you to avoid electronics which, according to research is one of the best reasons why we fail to fall asleep easily.  Scientifically speaking, reading stimulates your brain and is designed to keep you visually busy but mentally entertained which puts you in a state of relaxation.

Drink Warm Milk


The old tall tale that our mothers told us that drinking milk can make our sleep better and faster turns out to be true.  Scientifically, milk does not have anything that can turn our snoozes on but according to a psychological study, drinking warm milk triggers the same feeling we had when we were drinking milk while we were youngsters.  It has an effect that activates our unconscious experience relating to our childhood.


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Although it sounds ridiculous, meditation can have a positive impact in our rest.  Sleeping is not the only thing that meditation can greatly improve as we all know.  It allows us to relax and soothe our minds that trigger our breathing to be in a rhythmic pattern causing everything around us to feel calm and relaxed.  In fact, the ujjayi breath a.k.a the ocean breath, is one of the more suggested techniques and is perfect for calming you down and helping you nod off to sleep.

Have An Official “Bedtime”



Obviously, going to bed late can make you wake up late because of the length of the time you shut your eyes.  Setting a formal bedtime – as in an official time when you force yourself to take rest can be an efficient way to make yourself doze off earlier.  With this, you can expect a regular bedtime and an easier way of achieving it because it helps your brain balance your circadian rhythm out and adjust its melatonin and serotonin levels.

Keep Your Surroundings Cool

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The last but definitely not the least hack we can give you is to make your room/surroundings as cool as possible – not too cool, though.  Scientific research claims that what our bodies feel is a big factor in falling asleep – our temperatures drop when we start dozing off.  Thus, maintaining a cool but not-too-cold temperature is key in falling asleep.

These are few of the best but most effective hacks in letting yourself fall asleep.  Some of the items on this list may be common but you can be assured that by doing these, falling asleep will be as easy as one – two – three.

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