Eating Two Eggs Per Day? What Does It Do To Your Body?

Eggs, we have been introduced this meal since we were kids. Even now when we’re older, we still have a pack of it in our fridge for God knows what reason. Kidding aside, eating eggs has been a norm for almost all of us; even if we don’t really understand why we eat it every morning, why it adds up a certain breakfast effect to our meals, we still eat it. Some of us eat one egg per day, some eat two eggs; some three, some don’t. Although sometimes, it actually just depends on how a certain egg is prepared, we still eat it.

Do you know Emma Morano? The oldest person to have lived the Earth in our generation? Well, she was just the last surviving person who was born in the 1800s. Unfortunately, Emma d**d a peaceful d***h last 2017 at age 117. Months before she passed away, she revealed some of the things that she does every single day. To a lot of people’s surprise, since she was 20? She started eating eggs every single day; one was cooked and the other two – raw. 

So what does egg give us in terms of nutrition?

To make things simpler, eggs hold a lot of nutritional substances that many of us fail to realize. Besides the fact that it’s packed with protein, it has vitamin B12, riboflavin, and folate. In addition to that, it also has vitamins A, D, and E; calcium, iron, zinc, a little bit of selenium and iodine. I know what you’re thinking, it’s definitely a lot of things packed in just one single oval-shaped nutritional ball.

How about cholesterol, it has cholesterol too, right?

A few years back, researchers said that people should just eat egg twice or three times in a week. This is mainly because of cholesterol value which is obviously not a good thing for our bodies, of course. However, Jennie Nyenvik of Swedish site Aftonbladet, a dietary expert says that the cholesterol found in eggs are not harmful at all.

The cholesterol that is present in eggs is actually the cholesterol that helps our blood and bodies overall. She says that we should not worry about the cholesterol found in eggs.

So to set things all up, what benefits does eating eggs everyday give us?

Eating eggs is actually an understatement, in fact, we should actually eat at least two eggs per day for better and more efficient nutrient absorption.

Eggs give us better memory

Memory is what breaks everyone down. Kidding aside, since eggs contain a high amount of protein, researchers found out that eggs have choline, the amino acid responsible for boosting our short and long-term memory. Ever think about locking the door when you leave your house? Or remembering where you put your car keys? That’s when a good amount of choline comes in.

According to researchers, adding a sufficient amount of choline to our diet not only improves our memory, it also heightens up our responsiveness to we’re alert and always ready.

Image: Pixabay

It’s calcium content of course strengthens our bones

Since egg has an ample amount of calcium in it, eating it would of course bring strength to our bones. Although it won’t have the enough amount to improve our skeleton like dairy products like milk has, eating eggs is like hitting two birds with one stone; actually multiple birds.

Eggs help the blood in so many ways

Folate is one of the more abundant nutrients found in eggs. Having said that, folate is a necessary vitamin that helps with the regeneration of new red blood cells. If you lack red blood cells, you are in the risk of developing anemia which is the condition of having low count of healthy red blood cells.

By eating eggs everyday, you can have the peace of mind that you have an enough amount of red blood cells in your body by the folate that the eggs contain. In addition to that, since folate is a necessity in creating DNAs in our bodies meaning, a pregnant woman should have enough to more-than-enough folate in the body to ensure good labor and a healthy baby.

Serves more like a “fountain of youth”

Since we’re talking about Emma Morano, isn’t it quite obvious that eating eggs can help you age lesser and slower? Eggs contain amino acids and vitamin D which both help in cell regeneration. When you get older, the need or demand for vitamin D doubles.

Say for example when you’re 30, the recommended amount of vitamin D consumption should be 5 micrograms. One egg contains about 0.7 micrograms already; eating two would mean you would consume 1.4 micrograms.

Cardiovascular diseases and heart risks

In the United States alone, about 610, 000 people die from heart diseases every year. If you put it into correct calculation, that’s about 1 out of every 4 deaths. Well, researchers from The University of Alberta found that food with egg content can actually counter cardiovascular diseases and this is not just because of the protein found in these cutely-shaped food, but also because of tryptophan and tyrosine which are amino acids as well.

Can you image how much amino acids eggs have? Just wow. Just eating a few eggs per day can decrease your risk of developing heart diseases by a multitude.

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A depression “killer”

Depression has been an issue that is currently still in demand. A lot of celebrities were taken away by this condition and roots are hardly yet to be known. However, since eggs have antioxidants, omega-3, and enough vitamin D, it can counter depression in best ways we all can’t imagine. This is why according to Quartz, the perfect breakfast for people diagnosed with depression would be bread, avocado and a basket of eggs.

In addition to that, it also is good for the skin because it holds a good amount of vitamin D. This is perfect for people during winter because vitamin D is actually a pain in the neck to get. So, get your tip and eat more and more eggs during winter if you care for your skin.

Weight loss

Well, everyone’s favorite. Eggs have a lot of protein in them which can help you lose weight twice as fast as you perform your regular diet. Moreover, did you ever notice that when you eat eggs, you feel less hungry than the usual? This is because of it being filled with a lot of protein and good cholesterol. In conclusion, it can actually lower your calorie intake since you won’t feel hungry when you should.

It builds muscle

Ever hear of two raw eggs mixed with soda? Well, this drink is actually dubbed as the “poor man’s protein shake.” It’s for people who work out and want to get as lean as possible. We keep on mentioning that eggs contain a handful of protein which means, they actually can help the body build more muscle.

Bulking up has never been this easy, just mix them raw to a drink and see your transformation within a few months.

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Emma Morano will forever be remembered for her grace and of course the knowledge and path she left us with. With these discoveries, Science is now studying what other things eggs can do to help us live a happier and a better life.

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