Family That Feels No Pain – A Rare Genetic Mutation

Physical pain is something that is normal for humans. Pain is the sensation that we feel whenever our sensory nerves send signals to the brain that we are not in a safe state; and yes, it’s done in less than a second. But what if you cannot feel pain? Is that even possible? Although a lot of us think that this is far from being possible, it actually is.

The Marsili Family

This is a photograph of the Italian family that is being known worldwide. And if you’re part of the few who’re asking why, well they just almost don’t feel any pain! Yes, you heard that right. Although a lot of you might seem a little suspicious about it, continue reading…

The Marsili family, the family that feels almost no pain. Researchers believe that this is a case of a unique syndrome. Apparently, six (6) members of the family are subject to this mutation namely: The head of the family which is Maria Domenico; her two daughters, Maria and Letizia, and the grandchildren Ludovico, Bernardo, and Virginia. Maria Domenico is currently 78 years old and she’s still as healthy as she can be.

So the family started to notice this since Letizia’s childhood. She reports that she had high pain tolerance back when she was young hence the nickname “superwoman” her colleagues named her back then. Moreover, Maria also reports that she experienced breaking bones without her even realizing it.

One story Letizia says is that one winter, she accidentally sprained her ankle. However, even though that’s the case, she says she was able to walk without any problems while her leg was swollen for more than two weeks!

Another strange thing here is that Letizia’s sister Maria, got her hand frostbitten but was only able to notice it a few days later.

Let’s not go straight to conclusions here; they feel pain, they do but it does not last that long like a normal human feeling for them to notice it. Imagine if you had this specific condition; would you treat or look at it as a gift? or would you think of yourself as cursed?

Dr. James Cox from the University of College London explains that this is a different work done by the nervous system. In simpler terms, their nervous system functions differently from normal people; which is good because Science may be able to derive some kind of pain medication from their family.

“If we found out the reason for that absence of pain, then perhaps this will help us create a new generation of pain medication.”

Researchers and scientists eventually gave the mutation a name of the Marsili Syndrome. In addition to them not feeling pain, the syndrome also makes one individual less sensitive to temperature (hot/cold).

Although their family has this unique ability, Letizia says that they’re not overall different from others. “Now that we know about our syndrome, we’re careful and attentive more than before to ourselves. Even if it was possible, we or I would not want to get rid of this condition/feature. One day, researchers will eventually lead to a discovery that will push Science forward and help humanity.” 

You might think that this rare condition puts this family in the top-A list in genetics. Although there are instances where they don’t feel or notice the need for medical attention, which is of course bad. But for you, what do you think about this condition?

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