Gladiator Flashlight – Internet’s No. 1 Selling Flashlight

For the past 12 months, the Gladiator LT 600 Flashlights have been tremendously well liked from corner to corner of the world. It is the Top No. 1 selling “Tactical Flashlight” in years 2015 and 2016.

Having a great flashlight is very important. We can’t say when, but it is always good to have your home geared up and everywhere else especially during emergency situations like when power outages occur which are common during heavy storms.


The stocks are actually ‘selling out fast’ because of the feedback from different people who tried this in and around the globe.

Many are wondering why it is selling like hot cake. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Compared to others, the Gladiator Flashlight is the cheapest. It is sold for only $19.95 $80.00 which is the cost of its rival brands.
  2. On its official selling site ( it is extremely cut-rate; the retail price is 75% off. From $300 each before and shipping charge is free.
  3. With its class @800 lumens, it is basically the best tactical flashlight.
  4. It is built for rugged use with its high performance and dependability, it is more recommended to use for self-defense – like in close-combat situations.
  5. It has a zooming feature with super clear LED technology that shoots powerful white light hundreds and hundreds of meters away.
  6. It has multiple safety modes like Beckon / Strobe, High Focus, High Beam, and SOS . It has a Super Bright Strobe signaling for help.
  7. It can be a lifesaver.
  8. The case is built from hardened aluminum.
  9. The materials used maybe of lightweight but could last any lifestyle at any situation.

The stocks are already running out because of its reputation and popularity which are from different users according to some reports so, grab yours now!

The company that produces this one-of-a-kind flashlight is based in San Diego California.

The Gladiator Flashlight may appear to have a lot in common with other flashlights but rest assured that this one is a state-of-the-art flashlight which can be a great weapon to protect yourself from any attacker.

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