IBM Aims To Build the First Commercial Quantum Computers

Many developers nowadays are focusing on increasing the intelligence of artificially intelligent (AI) algorithms but the International Business Machines (IBM) is looking at a diverse area of technology and that is quantum computing.

These quantum computers are going to be game changers, conveying with them more rapidly data processing and information handling.

The increase in speed is made possible through the use of quantum bits or the qubits instead of the 0s and 1s or the binary bits that are currently used on traditional computers.

The qubits rely on quantum phenomenon of superposition, which allows them to be 0s or 1s at the same time. In this case it will have the ability to exist in multiple states at once so qubits can allow to process information promptly.

The IBM Quantum Experience would enable any person to connect to IBMs quantum processor via the IBM Cloud, to run algorithms and experiments.

Most people were thinking that this thing is nothing but just a big dream. On the contrary, IBM believes that they are close enough to reality. They are getting the software geared up and have it become commercially available.

The classical computers are extraordinarily powerful and will continue to advance and strengthen everything in every business and society. However, there are problems that will never be penetrated by a classical computer.

Quantum computers, on the other hand, rely on quantum mechanics and the bizarre behavior of quantum bits to do calculations far faster than any classical computer.

IBM has been working on quantum computing technologies since May of last year, where they gave the public the access to its 5-qubit quantum computer. They have these computers situated it in their New York labs and available as a cloud service.

The company is currently pushing for the development of a truly universal quantum computer. Then the IBM Q was launched, the company’s new division that is intended to make quantum computers and sell them commercially.

IBM will build the first Universal quantum computers for Business and Science.

According to Tom Rosamilia, Senior VICE President of IBM Systems, “To create knowledge from much greater depths of complexity, we need a quantum computer.”

“We envision IBM Q Systems working in concert with our portfolio of classical high-performance systems to address problems that are currently unsolvable, but hold tremendous untapped value.” He added.

With this IBM Q, the company is looking forward to improve its existing quantum computing models by recruiting the help of others fascinated in the field of computers particularly quantum computing.

They are currently updating its quantum computing cloud service with a new application program interface (API) designed to provide developers and programmers the ability to generate interfaces between IBM cloud-based quantum computer and traditional computers even though they don’t have backgrounds in quantum physics.

The computing business giant will give confidence to the researchers and other interested parties to use their quantum computing system experiments in constructing more sophisticated applications. Quantum computers are expected to deliver solutions to different important problems where patterns cannot be seen by classical computes.


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