How To Reverse Look-Up A Random Number

Almost all of us get a random message or call from an unknown, random number. Although sometimes these are just new unregistered numbers of people we know, it is still safe and better to be sure. Most often, the text messages asking for credits are scammers but what if they are calls? You can ask your friends or people you know of this number but what if they don’t? In this article, we will teach you how you can reverse look up a number. Furthermore, you can find out who that person is and why they contacted you.


To start, we have three (3) ways on how we can look up a random number.

Search the number on Google

The first place you should run into when you get random calls or texts from someone. If they tell you who they are, it’s better because you get to know some information other than the number they’ve used. If not, then Google can still help. You can type the number in “XXXX-XXXX-XXX” or simply “XXXXXXXXXXX.” Either forms would be good and Google can take over the rest. If the number is somehow connected to a business or an establishment, then it should appear in at least the first or the second page. However if it is not, then you should already start thinking.

Although most of the time, the random calls we get come from a cellphone, there are also times when we get calls from random numbers that are landline. If this is the case, then the number should appear in something like phone directory or a website. That being said, you should be able to find the number.

Search the random number on Facebook

Facebook being one of the websites that almost all people visit, should at least bear the information you are looking for. People connect or synchronize their mobiles to their Facebook for different purposes.

  • For family and friends to know their mobile number
  • They connect it for business; when they need it for contact or communication
  • For security and verification purposes if in any case they forget their passwords

If the random number is associated with anyone and if he/she is in Facebook, then you might be able to locate that person. However if that person used or bought a different number just for the sake of being unknown, then you would have to dig more. Nevertheless, Facebook is one of your key identifiers so do not leave this as an unused option.

Instagram and Twitter can also help you locate a random number

Apart from Facebook, both Instagram and Twitter are also reliable when you are trying to locate a random number. Although using this signifies a more personal approach, it’s still worth the shot. If the person who called you has his mobile number connected to either Instagram or Twitter (again for security, business, and personal needs), then you just might be able to find and determine to whom that number belongs to.


If the number is a certified scammer or illegitimate, there are chances that this random number is in or

We cannot avoid receiving a misrouted call or a call that is not meant for us. However, with the society we live in today, it’s kind of difficult to tell whether a random number is a legitimate person or just a scammer. In conclusion, whenever you receive this type of call, let other people be aware because who knows, they might use the same trick twice.

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