Best Ways To Transform Your House To A Cool Pad; A Comfortable Home

Summer slapped us back to reality and made us realize that our country is indeed a tropical region. Although this is now being widely accepted, some can’t still swallow the fact that the they are experiencing this. I mean, who can accept the fact that after showering, bullets of sweat already run down your body? Top that up with an inconvenient, shallow-spaced living room, well that’s a double-shot. Here in the Philippines, the temperature cannot fully adjust to the natural climate. Although we have air conditioners to help us through the heat, there would be times that this won’t be enough. In this article, we’ll be telling you a few hacks that could transform your space into a relaxing, comfortable home.

Flowers are always great

Top up your living room with some plants and flowers and I can guarantee a cooler, more relaxing atmosphere. Besides the fact that it is visually appealing, it can also drastically improve the feel and the aroma of your space.

In addition to that, flowers and plants can entice coolness since they provide oxygen; remember that? It can dramatically increase the ambiance; you won’t notice that you’ve already slept.

Dim-brighter walls for a comfortable home

The paint colors you choose in your home can have profound effects on everything. For a silent and more relaxing atmosphere, go with tranquil blues, greens and grays. Just make sure they’re not the loud types. Although scientifically, these are best for a chill vibe, whites and beiges are comfortable-looking as well.

If you want it to have cool breezy feeling, avoid bright and shocking colors. These types of colors tend to energize and pump the mood up. So if you’re looking to have a soothing atmosphere, stick with dull but lively blend.

Pillow, pillows, pillows

Well, we know that pillows are the “gates to comfort” and having a lot of them in your space can dramatically increase the comfortability levels. It doesn’t have to be all pillows; you can choose from bean bags, poufs, and cozy couches.

TIP: Create a squishy and comfortable feeling in your living room by adding softness and coldness in them. Rally on poufs, cushion chairs, and couches and properly distribute them. I can guarantee a good nap.

Color can make you feel tranquil

Buy sheets, curtains, and carpets, that complement each other. Avoid buying colors that are so much different that your eyes would be tired just by looking at them. Colors can add a vibrant touch to a home if you do it correctly.

Take a look at this for example. The colors of the pillow cases, the frames, all complement the color of the wall. This alone can make the “feel” of the house more relaxing and quiet.

Carpets are for keeps

Now the for the visual appeal, the color of your carpet needs to match the wall colors of the space. If the wall colors are as vibrant as they can be, you can put on dark-colored carpets to match the area. In addition to that, the texture of the carpet needs to have this warm feeling to contrast the overall climate of the room.

Furniture placement

In accordance to the couches mentioned above, how you position them is actually key. Imagine rallying all of them up in a line; that would most likely be out-of-place or unsatisfying to look at.

Place those furniture where you will have those points: a fire place, a large window, a 50″ television set or wherever that is in-place for the furniture.

Lighting is as crucial as wall colors

In almost all cases, you need to consider lighting. Given the fact that you want your space to be cozy, you don’t want flashing bright lights all around your house. Keep it slightly dim with a hint of brightness. If they’re already installed, choose the correct bulb. Keep in mind that the lights you choose should have dimmers. Joseph A. Rey-Barreau, a lighting designer with the American Lighting Association, said that buying a light without dimmers is like buying a radio without volume knobs.

Don’t forget the kitchen!

By the time you’ve read this, you’ve already spent a few minutes or maybe a few hours in your kitchen. Aside from your bedroom and living room, you also need to pay close attention to your kitchen. Why? Because this is where you’ll spend most of your time while you’re inside your house. Cooking, eating (if you’re dining is in the area of the kitchen), drinking, etc.

Always keep items of the same kind close to each other. You wouldn’t want to see a knife and a spatula together, right? Always make it to a point that everything in your kitchen is organized, clean, and neat. Keeping flowers and plants in your kitchen can instantly improve your mood and can fluctuate the ambiance positively.

TIP: Every after usage, clean your kitchen. It’s a constant thing to make sure that no spots are missed because 1) Bacteria can be left and you might get ill 2) All of us don’t want a stinky kitchen. To add a vibrant vibe, have some coffee beans exposed for it to spread throughout the kitchen. Voila! on your homemade coffee-induced-space.

Let’s not forget the bathroom

If you have a tub, place a rug or a carpet that wouldn’t slip beside it. It’s going to save a lot of time – I SWEAR. On the sink or the counter, keep some plants or flowers handy for a relaxing treat. You can always hack the scent of the bathroom by adding air fresheners, right? But Lemon is magic so use lemon instead, you’ll know the difference.

Bathroom lighting is also important. You don’t want a fully-dimmed bathroom; you just have to keep it neat and slightly bright – enough for you to see and to avoid slipping.



  • Thick bed sheets and comforters are always comfortable, you know that
  • Place a table in your bedroom for your alarm, keys, phone, etc. Don’t place them elsewhere

Living room

  • Always make sure that the windows INSIDE is clean. You will know when the outside part is dirty but the inside? You won’t
  • Make it a habit to sweep/vacuum your space. Dust and dirt accumulate, don’t take the risk


  • H**g art and photographs on the walls; this can be handy when you’re softening beef…
  • Clean, clean, clean – that’s all I can say. If you’re comfortable with your colors and floor, that’s all you have to do. If not, scroll back up!


  • Scented candles can trigger your mood while you’re dipping in the bath tub
  • Add some towel hooks instead of bars. That way, they keep separated and they don’t mix up. Alternatively, you can use bars for other things as well like bathroom rugs, carpets, etc.


  • Place carpets in places where you would spend more time in e.g sofa in the living room. That way, you both trigger the visual aspect and the comfy feeling.
  • Never ever disregard lighting as this can make-or-break the ambiance you look forward to. Remember to have dimmers if not, avoid ultra bright lights.
  • White comforters are hella cozy but you can add some color too! The texture is what k***s, though.
  • Inlets are relevant; make sure that the openings in your house is accordingly distributed so that natural light won’t confide to your house that can cause unbelievable brightness.
  • Plants are game-changers. You might not notice it early but over time, you would. Install a few to little plants in corners of your home and you’ll see the difference.

Now these tips are not overnight miracles; of course they take time. If your house has been there for years now and you want these tips to take effect, you would need to have adjustment periods; that depends on yourself though.

Although these tips might look simple, they can have dramatic positive effects in the ambiance and coziness of your space. Try them! Nothing will be lost.

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