Man who saved hundreds of children during the holocaust does not realize they’re around him

The Holocaust – well most of us never really had the chance to live by that date and we are extremely lucky for that. If you were born tomorrow, then let me give you a short history of what the holocaust is.

The Holocaust which is also called Shoah by some, was a genocide in which the worldly known dictator, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and its collaborators k****d about 6 million people. To be specific, they slaughtered more or less 6 million JEWS.

World War II was a bit of a mess but it didn’t really mess the lives of some people in fact, it just made them stronger than ever. In 1939, a young stockbroker from Great Britain, Nicholas Winton, performed a heroic act that would truly lift you up of your feet. What did he do? – Well, he just saved the lives of 669 children from Czechoslovakia who are about to be k****d from this mass k*****g.

Man who saved hundreds of children during the holocaust does not realize they’re around him
Image: BorePanda

How he did it was he prepared a safe passage for these children in order for them to arrive or get to Britain safely. He was really a mark of a true hero because after that, he never spoke of it again. How did we find out about this? Well his wife was one day cleaning in the attic and found a scrapbook of Nicholas that contained the names, pictures, and documents of the children that he salvaged.

It’s a sad fact though because Sir Nicholas, who was knighted in 2003 by Queen Elizabeth II; who in 2014, received the Czech Order of the White Lion, d**d on the 1st of July 2015 – he was 106 years old. He appeared in a UK television program called “That’s Life!” in 1988 and he was dubbed as the British Schindler by the UK press. He was invited as a member of the audience without the knowledge that the people he saved decades ago, are the people now sitting around him watching also as members.

This one is truly heartwarming – better get your tissue papers, towels, and handkerchiefs ready because your tears, I am pretty sure are about to roll down.

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