Playing Pokemon Go Can Add Thousands of Daily Steps

Pokémon Go is the hot GPS-based augmented reality game and a mobile gaming worldwide sensation. This is being played across the whole nation.

Players are called “trainers” and of course in order to play, one must download a Pokémon Go application in their smartphones; either Apple or Android phones. The quest is to “catch them all.” Trainers must walk around to find and catch Pokémon and access specific locations that are called Pokestops. Pokeballs and other useful items are collected to aid you in your journey.

Getting to Pokestops, while catching different Pokémon and hatching the Poke eggs requires the trainer to walk – A lot of walking is required.

Last Wednesday, March 8, researchers said in a study, revealing that by playing Pokémon Go, the participants were able to walk an average of 7,654 steps per day when before it was only 5,678. This is a thousand of extra steps each day.

What began as just playing the game has become a hobby to everybody and this provides certain health benefits. These thousands steps everyday can lower the risk of heart diseases most particularly to those who are overweight.

Participants were also twice more likely to reach 10,000 daily steps after playing Pokémon Go than they were before playing. Participants who had low activity levels before playing Pokémon Go appeared to benefit most from the game. Mainly because of the additional 3,000 steps each day.

This is better to participants in the United States according to one researcher Hanzhang Xu, a graduate student at Duke University School of Nursing in Durham, North Carolina. “Considering the low level of physical activity in the United States, doing some physical activity is always better than sitting on the couch.”

It has reports too that players have come back from their anxiety and depression.

However, just like everything, Pokémon Go too has its own set of disadvantages.

Since players are required to explore and move around when all your attention is in the phone, there are possibilities of getting injured or meeting an accident. There are also reports of trainers being r****d and attacked so trainers, be extra careful.

Remember, players must be very careful while playing, it’s not just about the game but also about the health and safety of the participants.

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