Diabetes May Be The Reason Why You Are Experiencing These

Diabetes was one of the most notorious diseases then until now.  Type 2 diabetes is quickly becoming a health problem for everyone.  In the Untied States,  more than 1.4 million new cases of Diabetes sprout each year.  The bad thing about that is that almost 25% of people with it don’t realize they have it.

You need to look out for these symptoms – Why?  Because these symptoms can be vital clues that the condition is right around the corner.  Be sure to watch out for these.

Unexpected Weight Loss

Unexpected Weight Loss

Since diabetes is linked to the food we eat, losing weight is a good sign.  Being overweight and not watching what you eat is actually one of the culprits of this condition.  But this sign can be a sign of not-so-good news.  This becomes bad when you haven’t changed anything in your diet but you dramatically lose weight in a short period of time.  Because of frequent urination, bodies lose water weight; our bodies also do not absorb calories from the sugar in food.  If you experience this, visit your local healthcare professional immediately.

Wounds and Cuts Heal Longer

Wounds and Cuts Heal Longer

Our immune system is one of the faster organ systems in our body.  When we suffer a wound or a scrape, it kicks in and begins the healing process right away.  The time needed to be healed would depend on the severity of the cut.  Excess sugar in the blood causes our immune systems to work slowly and less efficiently.  Having this said, the healing slows down.  If you’ve noticed this, visit your doctor.

More Bathroom Breaks

Signs of diabetes - More Bathroom Breaks

Diabetes is the result of having excess sugar in the blood.  And because their body has become inefficient in breaking it down, it flushes the excess sugar through urine.  Some people link this act to aging and they ignore it.  Most people do not know that this is one noticeable sign of diabetes.  If it disrupts your sleep or you visit the restroom more than you think, talk to your doctor immediately.

Overfatigue as a sign of Diabetes

Overfatigue as a sign of Diabetes

As we all know, our food is our source of energy.  If we eat correctly, then we wouldn’t be tired out easily.  But if your body isn’t absorbing the nutrients from food, we won’t be able to function properly.  If you think you are getting enough rest and food and still feel tired easily, it may be a good time to speak with your healthcare professional.  This can be a sign of diabetes.

Tingling Sensations

Tingling Sensations - Diabetes symptoms

Diabetes can also damage nerves.  Having this said, tingling sensations can be felt by people who have this condition.  The feet is the specific part where this sensation can be felt.  This problem, also known as sensory diabetic neuropathy makes people with diabetes feel the environment through the feet.  If you have noticed strange sensations like this in your feet or anywhere in your body, contact your doctor immediately.

These signs and symptoms are actually a common ground between having the disease and otherwise.  Be careful and observant though because these signs can grow and become worse over time.  If you notice these symptoms happening, do not think twice in contacting your local healthcare practitioner.

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